Cosplay has become a popular hobby among video game and comic book enthusiasts but what about wrestling fans?

Why can’t they dress up like their favorite superstar or diva? No one is saying they can’t and as a matter of fact more and more people are doing it all the time.

Here are 9 awesome examples of pro-wrestling cosplay.


9. The Showstopper



This one can get a little confusing. The one on the left is a female and the one on the right is Shawn Michaels. Got it? Without a doubt this has to be one of the best pro-wrestling cosplays if not one of the best cosplays ever. As a matter of fact we wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Miss Olivia Rutherford actually stood in for Shawn Michaels on occasion because she is a dead ringer for HBK.


8. Ultimate Hulkamania




If the thought of Hulkamania running wild all over you is scary then the thought of the Hulkster teaming up with The Ultimate Warrior must be downright terrifying. We just want to know one thing. WHAT CHA GONNA DO BROTHER!?!?!?!



7. Just Bring It



What’s more entertaining than a Damien Sandow promo? Perhaps a Damien Sandow promo in Japanese? Here you see three unlikely allies as Damien Sandow tries to convert 2 of the unwashed masses in the form of The Big Show and The Rock. Do you think these costumes are awesome? It doesn’t matter what you think!


6. We Are The Nation…The Foreign Nation



They are the nation but they aren’t the Nation of Domination that’s for sure. These guys may not be dominating the world of professional wrestling but when it comes to the world of pro-wrestling cosplay well that’s a whole different story. When you look at the WWE superstars they are tying to portray here you can’t help but think of how bad ass it would be if their real life counterparts formed a stable. Make it happen Vince!



5. Little Cenas…Little Cenas Everywhere



Little kids love John Cena and if you are a little kid chances are that you love him too. If you’re an adult then chances are you hate him. If you’re an adult that has kids you are just waiting for when they hit their teenage years and you can but them one of those CENA SUCKS t-shirts. Don’t worry they grow up fast.


4. The Second Second City Saint




Back in the day when CM Punk and Kelly Kelly were fresh to the WWECW scene Kelly developed a little crush on CM Punk. This crush inspired her to dress up like the object of her affection in hopes of growing closer to him. Unfortunately for her their little romance was pretty short lived. You do have to admit though that this is a pretty good look for her.


3. Rest In Peace



The Undertaker is one of the most intimidating superstars that has ever stepped foot into a wrestling ring. Although this cosplay may not be as intimidating as the real thing it still has what it takes to strike fear into your heart. Imagine if you put this against the real thing in an Undertaker VS Undertaker match? Shut up and take our money!


2. The Chosen One





Look at the shirt…now look at the face…look at the shirt…now look at the face. Yup that’s right this person nailed it! From the boots to the pony tail this wrestling cosplayer is without a doubt the chosen one.


1. Respect The Beard





One of these guys is a professional wrestler and the other one just plays one when he sits front row at a WWE event. It’s not secret that Daniel Bryan has made a name for himself all over the world and his beard is becoming just about as famous as he is. Although this kid comes close to recreating the magic that is Daniel Bryan’s beard he doesn’t quite nail it. It’s ok kid you’ll be able to grow facial hair of your own any day now.