Brock Lesnar is the current WWE Champion and everyone is wondering who will beat him for the title. Eventually someone will defeat Lesnar and that person will instantly become a star for slaying the beast. Only one man will beat Brock Lesnar but that doesn’t mean WWE can’t provide us with some interesting title matches before that happens. Here are 8 WWE superstars we want to see challenge Brock Lesnar for his WWE Championship.


#8 – Bray Wyatt


This is a match that has major potential. Even if Brock were to give Bray a beating similar to the one he gave John Cena at SummerSlam, it could still be very entertaining. Bray Wyatt seems to love punishment and nobody dishes it out better than Brock Lesnar. Bray is beyond crazy and obviously has no fear which is what makes this match compelling. Throw the rest of The Wyatt Family into the mix and there’s potential to create something truly special.



#7 – Daniel Bryan


If Brock’s feud with CM Punk proved anything it’s that opposites sometimes work great together. Bryan and Brock obviously have two completely different styles but Bryan has the speed and agility to make this a believable fight. WWE could use the classic David vs. Goliath angle here and there’s no doubt that the fans would get behind Bryan.



#6 – Ryback


Ryback was once a human wrecking ball. He was on a clear path to stardom before WWE pulled the trigger too fast and put him in the title picture too soon. Ryback is currently out on injury and WWE has a golden opportunity to build him back up when he returns. If WWE can revitalize Ryback’s career and make him a believable monster again, then this match has money written all over it. Make Ryback unstoppable, continue to make Brock look unstoppable and you’ve got yourself a must see match.



#5 – Dean Ambrose


Dean Ambrose is another superstar that seemingly has no fear and can not be stopped. Ambrose can take a beating like no one else and he’s also creative when it comes to offense. Watching Brock try to put Ambrose down would make for some entertaining television. Put these two together in a no disqualification match and it has the potential to be unforgettable.



#4 – Sheamus


Remember when Sheamus was a beast? A few years have passed since then and he’s certainly become soft from a character standpoint, but it would be easy to build him back up again. Sheamus is a believable tough guy because he can take a beating as well as dish one out. Watching Sheamus go full steam ahead in a match against Brock Lesnar could be a lot of fun. Drop the Irish John Cena schtick, make Sheamus the beast he once was and give us an all out war.



#3 – Cesaro


The most disappointing aspect of the Paul Heyman/Cesaro partnership is that it just kind of fizzled out. Everyone was not so secretly hoping to see Cesaro have a confrontation with Brock Lesnar at some point, but it never happened. There’s still plenty of time to make this happen and having Paul Heyman in the middle creates a natural feud between the two. Cesaro is ridiculously strong and the best way to highlight his strength would be to let him show it off against Brock Lesnar. Cesaro is in need of the right feud to get him to the next level and this could very well be it.



#2 – Randy Orton


Since his return Brock has only faced top stars in the WWE but there’s one top star he hasn’t had a match with and that’s Randy Orton. These two faced off back in the day but neither one of them were big stars back then. Now they’re both icons in this industry and seeing these two face off would be exciting simply because of the name value involved. Randy has put a lot of time into his career but he seems to get passed over a lot when it comes to big matches. Randy has proved he can carry the company and a match with Brock is something he’s certainly earned.



#1 – Roman Reigns


If you want to believe the rumors, this one is bound to happen whether you like it or not. Roman Reigns is being groomed to become the next face of the WWE and all signs point towards him headlining WrestleMania 31 in a match against Brock Lesnar. Reigns still has a long way to go before he can carry the company, but he’s improving every week. Right now Reigns is being booked to look unstoppable and Brock is being booked the same way. It seems that these two are on a collision course and it’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when they face off.