WWE has one of the biggest and most talented rosters in the entire world. Just like is the case with TNA, the booking may not always be perfect but there’s no denying that the roster has talent. \

Due to the fact that WWE’s roster is so large many talented workers often get swept under the rug and lost in the shuffle. Some of them get lost in the shuffle due to time contraints, attitude or maybe even because of their gimmick.

Would these talents be better off somewhere else? Would they be better off in TNA?


7. Tyson Kidd


Tyson Kidd calls himself the workhorse of the WWE and you can’t deny his ability in the ring. The other thing you can’t deny is that WWE is unlikely to do anything with him in the near future. Tyson successfully recovered from his injury a few months ago but not much has been heard from him since. If the fact that WWE booked him to lose against Bo Dallas in his return match is any indication of how much faith the company has in him then one has to assume that there’s no faith in him at all.

Tyson would be a great fit for the x-division where he could work on his in ring skills and also get some mic time. The good thing about the x-division is if you’re good enough to be world champion the x-division is the place to prove it. Tyson isn’t going to get a push in WWE anytime soon if ever so TNA would be his best bet to show the world what he can do.


6. Zack Ryder


It’s hard not to feel for Zack Ryder. A few years ago Zack was the most talked about man in the wrestling industry thanks to his internet following and now he’s nothing more than a jobber. WWE wouldn’t get behind Zack so he got the fans behind him and they demanded that he get a push. His hard work even amounted to a very short US title reign but he was brought back to jobber status quickly after that.

Since then Zack has been stuck in jobberville and his fanbase seems to have dwindled down to almost no one. It’s a shame to see someone work so hard to get noticed only for WWE to treat it as a joke. In TNA Zack’s hard work on social media most likely would have been rewarded with more TV time. Zack works hard and you can tell that he’s still passionate about his wrestling career, TNA might be the second chance he needs to get things going again.


5. Justin Gabriel


Well we haven’t heard much from Justin Gabriel since the Nexus days. He may have been in a very influential and dominant stable at one time but these past few years he hasn’t had the opportunity to do much on WWE television. This former WWE tag team champion is well liked by the fans and has a high flying arsenal of moves that when unleashed could excite any audience.

The problem with Justin is that the WWE style doesn’t always favor the high flyers. In TNA Justin would have a platform that’s more suited to his style in the x-division. The x-division has been hit or miss the past few years so it would be great to see a fresh face like Justin Gabriel breathing new life into the division.


4. Alex Riley


After his breakup with long time mentor The Miz it seemed like Alex Riley was set to takeover the WWE. Everything seemed to be in his favor and all signs pointed to him becoming a top star, then all of a sudden he disappeared. Rumors have flown around the internet for years that John Cena is the one responsible for killing Alex Riley’s push but seeing as how this is the internet we can only take that with a grain of salt.

The fact of the matter is Alex Riley needs a fresh start and TNA could give that to him. Alex has charisma, size, and the look of a top superstar. Whenever he appears on WWE televesion (which is extremely rare these days) he shows the audience why he still has value as a performer. Like I said Alex needs a fresh start and he’s not likely to get that in WWE anytime soon.


3. Rey Mysterio


Rey Mysterio is arguably one of the greatest high flyers of all time but these past few years he’s missed quite a bit of action in the ring. Obviously Rey is still a huge draw and chances of him leaving WWE for TNA at this stage in his career are slim to none but a reduced schedule might do him some good.

It seems as if every time Rey returns from injury he gets injured again a few weeks after. There’s no doubt he’s getting up there in age and one has to wonder if the hectic WWE travel/work schedule is getting to be too much for him. At this point in his career Rey would be better off with a reduced schedule and if he were to ever join TNA he would without a doubt be the highlight of the x-division.


2. Kofi Kingston


The past few years Kofi has come so close to reaching that next level but WWE never seems confident enough in him to pull the trigger. For the life of me I can’t understand why they wouldn’t push this man. He’s loyal, he works hard, he’s great in the ring, and when given the chance he actually can cut a decent promo. Kofi seems to be a career mid-carder in WWE and it doesn’t seem like that will change anytime soon.

It’s somewhat of a running joke in the wrestling business the way TNA treats former WWE talent. They show up one week and by the next week they are TNA World Heavyweight Champion. That’s a bit of an exaggeration but not too far off. If there’s one guy that deserves the rocket pack push that TNA gives former WWE talent it would be Kofi Kingston. I could very easily see Kofi go against some of TNA’s top stars for the world title and he could also be a great asset to the x-division.


1. Christian


This isn’t necessarily a knock on how WWE has booked Christian these past few years but he was always booked to look a lot stronger in TNA. Where WWE doesn’t really see Christian as a top guy it always seemed that TNA saw Christian as THE top guy. When Christian made the jump to TNA a few years ago he started up some major buzz in the wrestling industry and no one else who’s made the jump since has managed to get quite as many people talking. TNA was good for Christian and Christian was good for TNA.

If you go back and watch Christian’s work in TNA you’ll notice right away that there’s a big difference between Christian in WWE and Christian in TNA. It’s a tough thing to put your finger on but it just seems like Christian’s character has more passion in TNA and he comes off like someone who could be the face of the company. Christian still has a great spot in WWE but it’s nothing compared to the spot he had in TNA.