Gimmick matches have become synonymous with wrestling. For all the gimmick matches that have been a success over the years, there have been several that just didn’t work out.

Unfortunately some of the matches that were successful haven’t really been utilized in the past few years. These are the gimmick matches we would like to see WWE use again in the near future.


#6 – Extreme Elimination Chamber Match

This match was only done once and it was featured on the now infamous ECW December to Dismember pay-per-view. It plays out the same exact way as a normal Elimination Chamber match, the only difference being that every competitor is given a weapon which is placed with them inside of their pod. When the pod opens the wrestler enters and brings his weapon with him.

We feel this concept was underutilized by WWE and would love to see it again. Adding a few more elements to the Elimination Chamber match gives the people involved a chance to get a little more creative.



#5 – Bra And Panties Match

There’s not really much to explain about this one. WWE places divas in a ring and has them rip the clothes off of each other until one of them is stripped down to only their bra and panties. We could think of many WWE Divas currently on the roster that we would like to see participate in this type of contest because of…reasons.



#4 – First Blood

The concept of a First Blood match is pretty simple. Two people beat the crap out of each other and the first person to bleed is the loser. Like we said, pretty simple.

The problem is we live in an age where WWE puts a lot of effort into making sure blood isn’t displayed on television. Still, this concept would be a perfect fit for something like the recent Bray Wyatt/Dean Ambrose feud which is pretty much just two dudes seeing how much pain they can inflict on each other.



#3 – Ultimate Submission Match

This match is a variation of the classic Iron Man match where the only way to win is to make your opponent tap out. This is another concept that was only used once by WWE in 2001 when Chris Benoit faced off against Kurt Angle at Backlash.

The competitors are given a 30 minute time limit and the individual with the most submission victories when the clock strikes zero is the winner.



#2 – Triple Cage Match

Back in the year 2000 WCW had a lot of crazy ideas. Some of them were terrible but every once in a while they would hit a home run. The Triple Cage match was one of the times they hit a home run.

The most infamous version of this match took place at WCW Slamboree in 2000. The match itself became sort of a clusterf*ck after a while but if done properly with the right talent involved, this type of match has a lot of potential.

The match features, you guessed it, three cages stacked on top of one another. The opponents battling each other must climb through each section of the cage to grab the title which hangs above. The first cage is basically a normal Hell in a Cell match. The second cage is known as Hardcore Hell and is pretty much a normal sized cage with a roof, then the third cage is known as the Weapons Room which contains, what a shocker, weapons.

You win the match by making it to the top and grabbing the belt. Unless of course you’re operating under the “X Rules” which is a whole other level of clusterf*ck that we just won’t get into here. But if you’re really interested in making your brain hurt, try following along with the match in the video above.

Long story short, with the right people in charge and the right people in the match, this match could be a big attraction.



#1 – War Games

The War Games match is pretty much the one gimmick match every wrestling fan has been dying to see since the demise of WCW. This match consists of two rings being placed side by side with a cage covering both rings. Two teams face off with one member from each team starting the match. After five minutes another member of a team is allowed to enter the ring giving one of the teams a temporary advantage. After two minute intervals other competitors would enter the ring and brawl until someone tapped out, was knocked unconscious or straight up surrendered.

There have been different variations of the match over time but for the most part the concept stayed the same.

This type of match would be great for storylines where something is at stake. For example, it would have been perfect for Team Cena vs. Team Authority at Survivor Series. Fans have been begging for WWE to do this match for many years and it’s time to give the fans what they want.