They say you never forget your first and there’s nothing more exciting for a wrestling fan than seeing their favorite win the big one for the first time. After years of pushing the same old stars WWE seems intent on making new ones. Here are 5 WWE superstars who we think could win their first WWE World Heavyweight Championship before the year is over.


#5 – Cody Rhodes


Cody Rhodes had a hell of a run recently as one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions with his brother Goldust. During their reign as the WWE Tag Team Champions Cody showed that he can deliver when given the right opportunities. Things have been quiet for Cody recently but as we all know things can change very quickly in the WWE.

Cody is poised to breakaway from Goldust and a heel turn seems imminent. We all know Cody can play a great heel as he’s proved in the past. All he needs is a decent storyline to generate some heat and Cody’s momentum could shift big time.

How likely is Cody to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in 2014? It’s probably not as likely to happen for Cody as some of the other people on this list but you can never say never when it comes to the wrestling business.



#4 – Cesaro


The year 2014 is almost half over and without a doubt Cesaro has been one of this year’s breakout stars. Cesaro is impressing wrestling fans all over the world week after week with his stellar performances in the ring and with Paul Heyman by his side the sky’s the limit.

Cesaro seems to be an odds on favorite to win a money in the bank briefcase this year and he certainly has momentum on his side. His relationship with Paul Heyman doesn’t seem to be built to last and the support he will get from the fans after the eventual split could be exactly what he needs to make his way into the main event scene.




#3 – Bad News Barrett


The tables certainly have turned for Bad News Barrett. At first it really didn’t seem like this gimmick could work but it’s really taken off in recent weeks. Barrett is more popular than he’s ever been and despite the fact that he’s supposed to be a heel, he’s getting a very positive reaction from the fans.

Truth be told Barrett should have won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship years ago when he was the leader of the Nexus. WWE dropped the ball back then but they seem to be completely on board with the Bad News Barrett character. Like we mentioned already, Barrett has momentum on his side and there’s no telling just how far that momentum will take him.




#2 – Roman Reigns


All three members of The Shield have what it takes to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion but it seems like WWE wants Roman to be the one that gets there first.

All signs point to a singles feud with Triple H leading into SummerSlam and there’s no reason why Roman shouldn’t come out of that feud victorious. After he beats the COO of the WWE the only logical thing for Roman to do would be to set his sights on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He’s a fan favorite, he’s a powerhouse and he’s got the look that WWE loves.

How likely is he to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship this year? Very likely.




#1 – Bray Wyatt


You must give credit where credit is due and WWE deserves all the credit in the world for the way they’ve built up Bray Wyatt. Forget Brock Lesnar conquering the streak, Bray Wyatt has conquered the WWE Universe. By all means a character this bizarre should not be getting cheered but he plays his role so well and the fans love him for it.

Bray has slowly but surely been creeping his way up the card and if he truly wants to assert his dominance in the WWE his road will surely lead to WWE World Heavyweight Championship. There seems to be no end to his madness and you can bet that he will want to continue to spread his reign of terror and he’s very likely to do it as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion much sooner than later.