The WWE Divas have had their ups and downs ever since their inception but the past few years were definitely a low point for the division. In recent years the divas match has been the designated bathroom break for fans all over the world but that seems to be changing. After years of being nothing more than eye candy the WWE Divas are finally getting a chance to show that they can be just as entertaining as the men and quite a few of them are succeeding. It seems like the division could be ready to restore some of its former glory and these are the divas that are going to blaze the trail.


#5 – Emma


People seem to be split on Emma’s gimmick. Some people really enjoy while others can’t stand it. Either way the fact that a WWE Diva even has a gimmick in the first place is refreshing. Emma is gorgeous but the thing you remember most about her is her personality. The fans can’t relate to someone they don’t know and Emma has done a great job so far at putting herself out there.

Since making her way to the main roster she hasn’t been able to off her in ring skills as much as she had probably hoped but that will all change in time. If you really want to see why this Australian beauty has a bright future in the WWE Divas division, just go watch her match against Paige from NXT Arrival.



#4 – Natalya


Natalya is doing a great job of playing the veteran WWE Diva which is something the division definitely needs right now. She recently cemented her status as a ring general during her match with Charlotte at NXT Takeover and she could do wonders for the division by mentoring younger talent.

We’ve said it before in previous articles but putting Natalya in a jealousy storyline with a younger WWE Diva could make for some compelling television. Natalya has been around for a while now and she’s watched quite a few of the younger WWE Divas get the opportunities she’s worked so hard for. The WWE Divas division needs more drama and sending Natalya on the warpath against the newcomers could be a great place to start.



#3 – AJ Lee


AJ Lee singlehandedly carried the WWE Divas division on her back for the better part of a year and her absence has definitely been noticeable recently. Paige has done a great job filling AJ’s spot but there’s just no denying that AJ is one of a kind.

There are endless possibilities for feuds when AJ returns now that other WWE Divas are establishing personalities. AJ established her character a long time ago, now finally the rest of the roster is getting the chance to catch up.




#2 – Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox 4

Alicia Fox is a great example of someone who maximized her minutes when she was given the opportunity. She went from obscurity to a hot topic in a matter of minutes and it just goes to show how bright the WWE Divas can shine when given the chance.

Alicia has picked up a lot of momentum by developing a character which will hopefully inspire the creative team to let the other WWE Divas do the same.




#1 – Paige


Without a doubt Paige is the resident workhorse of the WWE Divas division at the moment. WWE took a chance when they gave a 21 year old rookie the WWE Divas Championship, as well as the entire division to carry on her back, but it’s paid off big time. Week after week Paige is proving that women’s wrestling can be fun and she’s looking good while doing it.

Paige is exciting in the ring and we hope to see her cut some more promos in the near future as she’s also a great talker. This WWE Diva has made a pretty big impact so far which is exciting to think about considering the fact that her WWE career is just getting started.