Whether you love TNA’s product or not you have to admit that they have one hell of a roster. From the x-division to the main event TNA’s roster is stacked from top to bottom and full of wrestlers that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If there’s one place where TNA isn’t lacking talent it’s the roster.

The same can’t always be said about the booking/creative department and sometimes they get it wrong with a superstar. Have you ever watched a match from someone in TNA and thought that they would be a perfect fit for WWE?

You most likely answered yes and we are about to take a look at 5 TNA wrestlers that could make a big impact (pun intended) on the WWE roster.


5. Samoa Joe

Watching the TNA career of Samoa Joe has been heartbreaking. Joe was once an unstoppable powerhouse but the past few years his character has been greatly mishandled. He’s floated around from the main event to the x-division, to the tag division and he never seems to get a legitimate feud or storyline anymore. Samoa Joe may be bigger than most wrestlers his size but his body works and allows him to maintain that powerhouse image. It’s also worth noting that Joe may be a large man but when the occasion calls for it he can move like a cruiserweight which makes him very versatile.

Could you imagine if Samoa Joe showed up in WWE and got an Umaga like push upon his debut where he just tore through the roster like a sheet of paper? It would certainly be a sight to see but it doesn’t look like we will be seeing it anytime soon. WWE apparently has no interest in Joe despite the fact that Stone Cold Steve Austin has even endorsed WWE signing Samoa Joe himself. It would be great to see Joe in WWE someday but chances are slim that it will actually happen.


4. James Storm

I’ve gone on record many times stating that James Storm easily has more crossover appeal than anyone on TNA’s roster. The guy has a great gimmick that comes off natural, a great image, he can wrestle, cut promos, and he connects with a certain audience. Now there are rumors flying around that James Storm might be getting his own reality TV show which would be great for him. The fact of the matter is TNA had a great company defining feud on their hands with Storm VS Roode in 2012 but since that ended James Storm has barely been used in 2013.

Since winning the tag titles in May at Slammiversary after being put in an extremely random tag team with Gunner, James Storm has rarely appeared on television. He’s been a tag team champion for five months and I can’t even tell you the last time he defended the titles. What’s up with that? Storm obviously sees opportunities to become a star elsewhere and he realizes that TNA isn’t going to get behind him anytime soon. It would be great to see James Storm get an opportunity in WWE and show off his skills on a bigger stage.


3. EC3


One company’s trash turned out to be another company’s treasure when the former Derrick Bateman was released from WWE and became Ethan Carter III in TNA. This man is out to prove to the world that he’s the real deal and he’s doing just that every time he steps in the ring or gets on the mic. The sky seems to be the limit when it comes to his career and his on screen persona is one of the best in the business.

WWE apparently just had no clue what they had with this man when they had him under contract. It might be time for them to take another look.


2. Bobby Roode

All you have to do is take one look at Bobby Roode and instantly you can tell that he’s a star. It isn’t just some lame nickname when Bobby gets called “the IT factor” of professional wrestling because he truly lives up to that title. Bobby Roode’s run with the TNA World Title was epic to say the least and he is the longest reigning world champion in the history of TNA. When Bobby was champion he drew a lot of eyes to the company and even The Rock himself spoke out saying that he really enjoyed Bobby’s work as TNA World Champion.

When Bobby Roode’s contract expired a few months ago it came as a big surprise to me that WWE didn’t make him an offer. Roode’s work as a heel is reminiscent of when Triple H first became The Game. He’s ruthless, he’s entertaining and he’s got plenty of charisma. Bobby is a very believable bad guy and could have some great feuds with the faces of the WWE roster.


1. Austin Aries

Make no mistake about it, Austin Aries is one of the greatest all around performers in this industry right now. When it comes to being the total package and having every quality that a top superstar needs.

Austin is another one of those former Ring of Honor guys that has gone on to build a rabid following and redefine certain aspects of the industry. He’s one of those smaller guys who just outshines everybody else and when he enters that ring he just operates on a whole different level. Aries works great as a heel or face and he can have a great match with anybody. He can wrestle a technical style, a brawling style or high flying style and make it believable. Aries is very similar to Punk when it comes to promos as you can tell that every word comes from the heart and blurs the line between shoot and work. Austin Aries is a superstar that demands the world’s attention and it would be awesome to see him face his Ring of Honor brethren in WWE.


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