WWE Superstars are basically actors to a certain degree anyway. So it’s always fun to think about what roles they would be goof for in certain movies.

Today we’re going to play a little game and place them in roles that they would’ve been perfect for!

Let’s get started.

5.) Antonio Cesaro: John McClane “Die Hard”



Yippie-Ki-Yay, MotherF*cker. I would totally root for one half of the Real Americans in any of Bruce Willis’ “Die Hard” films. Cesaro draws an uncanny resemblance to another actor named Jason Statham but I really feel like he would pull off the smart ass, tough as nails role of John McClane better than anyone else on the roster. If there is anyone on the current roster that could pull off a staring role in an action film this would be my guy. Sorry Miz and Randall.



4.) Paul Heyman: The Penguin “Batman Returns”




This one was almost too easy. He wouldn’t even need the make-up crew to touch him. He would waddle right on set and right into our hearts as the perfect replacement for Danny DeVito. Could you imagine Paul Heyman battling batman in a war of words? After all the Penguin wasn’t known for his intense battle skills in this film or better yet watching Paul E. try his absolute best to make a hasty getaway from the caped crusader? Mr. Heyman you’re truly missing your calling.




3.) The Rock: Deuce Bigalow “Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo”



The Rock has a knack for comedy and a love of poon tang pie. So what role would be better for the Great One? I can totally see the most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment schmoozing the weird creatures that Mr. Rob Schneider had to diddle in this film. Then when it came time to go one on one with his man pimp we all know the Rock would layeth the smacketh down.


2.) Daniel Bryan: Old Man Marley “Home Alone”



Daniel Bryan you my friend should be begging for this role if there’s ever a remake. I mean from the looks standpoint it’s a perfect match. If you were looking out your window and you happened to see this troll staring at you tell me you wouldn’t break glass with the scream you would belt out. Mr. Bryan the people have found your Doppelganger…YES! YES! YES!




1.) Dean Ambrose: The Joker “The Dark Knight”



So maybe the interegation scene would’ve been a lot shorter…

BATMAN: “Where’s Dent?”

AMBROSE: “…Nope.”

BATMAN: “You’re garbage who kills for money.”

AMBROSE: “…Nope.”


AMBROSE: “…Nope.”

You get the point. Ambrose has that dark side to him, the one where you don’t know if he’s insane or a genius a lot like The Joker. He would be the ultimate heel that would push The BATMAN to his absolute limits. It’s just a matter of time before he goes solo and we see just how good Dean Ambrose is on the WWE circuit. We can only dream about how good he would’ve been as the Dark Knights evil counterpart.