WWE’s United Kingdom Championship Special is now on the WWE Network. It’s available anytime you’d like to watch and it’s totally worth your time.

There were several moments of outstanding wrestling ability. Everyone brought their A-game to this special, to say the least.

The crowd was on fire for the entire night and they had reason to be. After all, they were watching some of the best pro wrestlers in the UK do their thing.

But this list isn’t necessarily about the wrestling because it’s already been established that it’s incredible. This list is donated to those little things about the special that made us enjoy it a bit more. After all, it’s all about those extra little things in a production or wrestler’s character that makes us go, “ah, that’s good.”

Everything About Wolfgang

Wolfgang is just awesome. This Glasgow Scottland native is very entertaining. The way people throw up a “W” with their fingers just adds to his appeal. After all, everybody loves a new way to engage fans. People have done hand signs before, but it’s always good to see one. His match against Joeseph Conners that opened the special was excellent.

Wolfgang’s character is almost like a long lost Scottish family member of the Dudesons or something. It’s like he enjoys giving pain, doesn’t mind getting it, and he is having fun with everything he does. He can sell and also turn it up a notch in competition. We love his sick Joker tattoo as well.

That Green Screen 

Jim Ross and Nigel McGuinness didn’t make it to the television tapings, but you wouldn’t know it if you watch it on television. They were able to use green screen technology to make it look like they were standing just above the crowd. It was almost as if they were hovering on a cloud. That was just neat. It looked good, but it was also awful at the same time.

With today’s technology and Vince’s money, they should be able to just hologram announcers in at this point so they never have to leave their living room. Wouldn’t it be cool if they brought in a Tupac-style hologram of Gorilla Monsoon to commentate alongside Jim Ross or Corey Graves? They should totally get right on that.

The 205 Live Boys Got A Lot Of Love

205 live

The workers in the cruiserweight division have become somewhat of a joke recently, to be honest. Let’s call it for what it is. The ring crew comes down and changes the ropes to make the ring to look like Barney The Dinosaur and it’s hard to get people to stay to watch their show. One of the main reasons why a Shinsuke Nakamura match caps off a live taping has to have something to do with the fact that they want to keep people in the crowd for 205 Live.

But when WWE’s 205 Live boys performed at the United Kingdom Championship Special they got a hot crowd. Dan Moloney and Rich Swan got down with The Brian Kendrick and TJP and had a great match in front of a hot crowd. They received an outstanding reaction and it had to be exciting for those guys to not be working with those tacky purple ring ropes.

Pete Dunne Is Ruthless

pete dunne

They call him the Bruiserweight for a reason. He’s a cruiserweight, and he causes bruises. He can he be stiff and inflict mass problems for his adversary. All of his kicks seem to land somewhere and his aggressiveness only seems to grow as the match carries on. He’s plenty ruthless as well and not afraid of a cheap shot which makes him a perfect and dangerous heel.

He’s like a relentless pit bull and that Progress Championship is his chew toy. But he will be looking to put another title in his teeth at TakeOver: Chicago as he faces Tyler Bate for the WWE United Kingdom Championship.

It’s also really cool WWE let Pete Dunne carry his Progress Championship with him or at least in his teeth. That’s an underutilized as a way to carry a championship to stay the least. I think if Brock Lesnar wants to prove he’s the Beast Incarnate he should carry the Universal Championship in his teeth when he walks into Extreme Rules. If he doesn’t do it, then he’s no Pete Dunne.

Dunne invokes chants of “British strong style” and his ability certainly deserves that kind of label. He’s methodical, talented, and everything he does seems to hurt people.

The Commentary

Jim Ross is a WWE Hall Of Famer and widly known as one of the greatest announcers who ever lived. So, it’s no fun to put him over. Instead, I’ll just talk about how great Nigel McGuinness is. His knowledge of the sport is spectacular and it’s great to hear his voice.

If you don’t know much about Nigel McGuinness’ path to WWE, I suggest you seek out a documentary called The Last Of McGuinness. It is both emotional and motivating. To hear Nigel commentate alongside Jim Ross is really an amazing thing.

It looks like WWE paired them up at NXT TakeOver: Chicago for UK Championship match between Bate and Dunne. Let’s hope they keep these two together because they really have a great chemistry. In time this team could very well turn out to be the best announce table in WWE.

Tyler Bate’s Wave

Tyler Bate is a great wrestler. That’s why he’s the WWE United Kingdom Champion. He wrestled an entire tournament to become the champion and won every match. He has an amazing ability for a 20-year-old. Years beyond his age, he’s able to leave people in awe with his fluid wrestling prowess. But you should know that by now, so let’s talk about his wave.

During Bate’s entrance, he spends the whole time grinning and waving to the crowd. He uses a unique and gentlemanly wave. You can feel the warm and friendliness of his greeting. It’s genius, to be honest. His fists “Bop” and “Bang” are transformed into cheerful hands waving hello.

He’s a wrestler who is glad to see the crowd. He’s almost like a Wal-Mart greeter saying “hello” as he walks down the ramp. It’s awesome. Only he doesn’t work at a store, he’s a WWE superstar with an incredibly bright future ahead of him.