#4 – Jake Roberts Never Won A Title In WWE


Although he held many titles throughout the course of his career Jake Roberts never held championship gold in WWE.




#3 – Mr. Money In The Bank…Bank

Mr. Kennedy is the only Money In the Bank ladder match winner to ever lose his contract to another wrestler. Shortly after winning the briefcase Mr. Kennedy suffered an injury that WWE thought was going to keep him out of action for an extended period of time. Coincidentally The Undertaker suffered an injury around that same time as well and had to drop the World Heavyweight Championship.

WWE then had Kennedy drop the briefcase to Edge on an episode of Raw and Edge cashed in the next day. Edge defeated The Undertaker to win the World Heavyweight Championship during the SmackDown tapings the next night.



#2 РLinda McMahon Is The Only McMahon To Never Hold A Title In WWE 


Shane McMahon has held the Hardcore Championship and the European Championship. Vince McMahon is a former ECW and WWE Champion and Stephanie McMahon had a WWE Women’s Championship run that lasted 146 days. Linda remains the only McMahon to never hold championship gold in the WWE.



#1 – Kane Was The First Ever Masked WWE Champion


When Kane defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin to become WWE Champion he became the first ever masked WWE Champion. Unfortunately for him he would only hold the title for 1 day.