Random wrestling facts are always fun!

So we’re going to help you learn today.

Open up your mind, it’s time to expand it!


1. 1996 King of the Ring and Triple H



Triple H was on a hell of a run in 1996. He rally started making a big name for himself and it all came crashing down with one sweaty man embrace. As many of you know the “curtain call” was one of the first times that WWF/E superstars broke character in front of a live crowd at an event. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall appearing in their last matches with WWE before jumping ship to WCW embraced Shawn Michaels and Triple H with a goodbye hug. This infuriated Vince McMahon because heels and faces at the time couldn’t break character.  Vince knew he couldn’t punish Hall and Nash, he also couldn’t afford to punish HBK because he was one of his biggest draws at the time. So it came down to Triple H taking the brunt of his fury. He was scheduled for a huge push including a KING OF THE RING victory but Vince put a stop to all of it. Good thing too because if he went on to win the 1996 King of the Ring than history would’ve looked a lot different. Luckily for us Stone Cold Steve Austin was picked to win it and he ran with it. OH HELL YEAH!



2. Undisputed Title



The undisputed Championship came to a crashing halt once Brock Lesnar put the strap over his shoulder after defeating the Rock at SummerSlam in 2002. Due to his contract stating he could only appear exclusively for the Smackdown brand at the time they decided to split the belt. The WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight titles were back. On a side note Eric Bischoff would hand the latter of the titles to none other than Triple H.



3. The Sleeping Giant




During a match against Big John Studd, Andre the Giant fell asleep. Big John Studd had Andre in a front face lock for 8 and a half minutes during a match. Long enough for Andre to take a catnap. Studd had to actually wake Andre up and remind the Giant of the finish. Andre got the win and some much needed rest so he could stay out late to hit the bars after the show.



4. Cody Rhodes and Bob Holly vs. The Hardy Boyz




Cody Rhodes and Bob Holly had one tag title reign. Matt and Jeff Hardy had a total of 6 title reigns but let me tell you why Cody and Bob’s one reign was more impressive than all 6 of the Hardyz. All 6 title reigns of the Hardyz lasted a combined 151 days. Bob and Cody’s one reign lasted a total of 202 days. Cody Rhodes and Bob Holly…who would’ve thought?