If you were searching for wrestling facts you’ve come to the right place.

Today you’re going to learn some fun facts about a few of your favorite WWE stars.

Let’s get right down to it.


1. Maryse Is The Longest Reigning Divas Champions



Former WWE Diva Maryse is the longest reigning WWE Divas Champion. This beautiful blonde managed to hold on to the title for 212 consecutive days which is something no one has managed to do since. She’s currently a full time model and full time fiancé as she is engaged to WWE superstar The Miz.


2. John Cena Used To Be A Limo Driver




Would you believe it if we told you that John Cena used to be a limo driver? You better believe it because it’s totally true! Could you imagine going out for a night on the town while the leader of the Cenation was driving you to your destination? If a limo ever pulls up to your house and John Cena is your driver you better be nice to him as he won’t hesitate to give you a little attitude adjustment.


3. Vince McMahon Has Had The Same Theme Song Since 1999



Vince McMahon has been using the same theme song since the year 1999. It seems like just yesterday he was telling Stone Cold Steve Austin that he had no chance in hell of winning the Royal Rumble which inspired his current theme song. Not only has Vince used the same theme song since 1999 but it just so happens that 14 year streak of using the same song is the longest out of any active performer in the company.