205 live

Every Tuesday night after SmackDown Live, fans can catch high flying cruiserweight action when 205 Live airs on the WWE Network. Tom Phillips and Corey Graves normally call the action for the show, but it looks like Vic Joseph will be permanently replacing Tom Phillips, as Phillips posted the following:

Finn Balor returned to the ring a few weeks before WrestleMania 33, but he didn’t return to television until after the event. Due to the fact that Finn was cleared for action before WrestleMania, many fans hoped to see him compete at the big event, but it didn’t happen.

The first ever Universal Champion recently spoke with news.com.au, and he said that the reason why wasn’t added to WrestleMania is simply because there wasn’t enough room on the card.

“It was quite an interesting scenario, because the reality was I actually was fit and I was ready and I was back wrestling, there was just no space on the card at WrestleMania. Obviously I had done my part in the rehabilitation, but it was kind of too late situating anything to do with the card. There was literally no space left, no opponents left, that was the reality of it.”

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