Following her loss to Alexa Bliss in their Kendo Stick-on-a-pole-match at Extreme Rules last weekend, it seems that Bayley has now gone to the back of the line when it comes to the Raw Women’s Championship.

Nia Jax and Sasha Banks look like the likely candidates to step up and challenge Alexa Bliss after Bayley has been absent from Raw over the past two weeks.

This week Bayley took part in a sit-down interview with The Savior of Misbehavior Corey Graves and as awkward as the interview between them seemed, the ending was probably the most uncomfortable part.

Bayley asked Corey if they could end the interview on a hug, something that made the WWE commentator feel awkward, before he told Bayley afterwards that he needed a cigarette.

Dave Meltzer has since speculated on the Wrestling Observer Radio that this could be the beginning of a romantic angle between Graves and Bayley and this could be how WWE allow Bayley’s character to move forward now that she has been taken out of the title picture.

Corey has been used much more on WWE TV lately with the new storyline involving Kurt Angle, so it would be interesting to see him used as part of a bigger angle since he has been stuck behind the commentary desk for a long time.

Bayley’s loss at Extreme Rules has hindered her much more than WWE realizes and now somehow the company has to build her back up and if this means that Graves and Bayley need to work together for a while, then it could be an interesting few months for the former Women’s Champion.



    Seriously wtf are they doing…wwe is so lame nowadays…I don’t even bother watching it I rather what “wtf moments from king ross” and look up the results…NJPW and Lucha Underground are doing greater things. The WWE gets great talent and for the most part most of the time ruins them at some point. Bayley should have never been brought up so early especially being so injury prone, she was a fan favorite. Should have worked more on NXT and or just done something else with her character after bringing her up to the main roster… and Shinsuke it is SO SAD what they are doing with him as a wrestler I understand he chose the WWE so he didn’t have to work as hard as they do in New Japan Pro Wrestling…..BUT just let him do his thing like he was in NXT and he’d be more over and you’d probably have a better storyline to go with it if you just let him fuck people up 🙂

    • Are you honestly sitting there and saying that Shinsuke Nakamura isn’t over? Entire arena’s are singing along with his theme song. He gets the loudest pops on SDLive without even being down the ramp for a match. I think you should rethink your idea of over. Shinsuke is quickly approaching epic over levels. Just to put it in perspective, when Shinsuke comes out to cut a promo he gets as positive a pop as Roman Reigns got a negative one on the Raw after Wrestlemania.

  2. UHHHH, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! If this happens I will quit WWE forever. This is ridiculous. You said you wanted a women’s revolution but now you morons are reverting back to the whole Diva crap show of the 90’s

  3. Not sure how if WWE cut the ringside mics during Raw on Monday, but from my seat at the show, the live crowd did not like that segment at all.