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Beyond the five hours of weekly programming between Raw and Smackdown Live, one would think that it would be easy to keep dozens of storylines moving forward each week. While those five hours — which do not factor in pay-per-views, WWE Network original programming, NXT or YouTube exclusives — may sound like a lot of time, it is not always easy for WWE’s creative team to get all of the WWE Superstars on-screen each week.

Here are 15 WWE Superstars who seem to be a bit lost in the shuffle as of late:

The Colons – Whether you know them as Primo & Epico, The Shining Stars, Los Matadores or The Colons, the key is that these cousins are among the longer-tenured wrestlers on the current WWE roster. The former tag team champions have not been seen on WWE television since Survivor Series.

Heath Slater – Heath Slater received a few pushes over the last few years, notably one during the brand split, with the angle of him chasing a Smackdown Live contract. That storyline led to a tag team championship run alongside Rhyno. Slater was in a storyline during Baron Corbin’s run as GM, where he was “fired” as a wrestler and forced to be a referee, yet that storyline seems to have been forgotten by WWE’s creative team.

The B-Team – Last year The B-Team — as comprised of Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas — was a big deal, not only having a tag team championship run but also official WWE merchandise. Presently, Axel and Dallas are both lost in the shuffle, both as a tag team and as singles competitors. And prior to that the two had been part of The Marine 5: Battleground.

Aiden English – When Simon Gotch — Aiden English’s tag team partner in The Vaudevillains — was let go, English initially did not have much to do. His pairing with Rusev and Lana was strange at first, but eventually it led to the major phenomenon known as “Rusev Day.” Their split unexplainably led back to Rusev and Lana turning heel, and since then, little has been seen of English.

Sin Cara – After being lost in the shuffle on and off for a few years, Sin Cara was booked into a program with Andrade, who was then a recent call-up from NXT. Somewhere within that storyline, Sin Cara needed knee surgery, which he got last summer. Sin Cara has since been seen at the WWE Performance Center and is reportedly ready to return, but has not yet been introduced to the WWE’s main roster. In somewhat related news, Lucha House Party has also been quiet as of late.

AOP – The AOP — as comprised of Akam, Rezar and manager Drake Maverick — came onto the main roster of Raw close to a year ago. The team quickly made an impact, winning the Raw Tag Team Titles in November 2018. The titles were lost to Boddy Roode and Chad Gable in December 2018 and since then it has been announced that Akam had knee surgery. However, Rezar did randomly appear on Raw once since then.

Alicia Fox – If you believe all of the rumors, Alicia Fox played a role in the firing of Arn Anderson from WWE earlier this year. Whether or not that is true, she hasn’t been on television much over the past few months. However, as the former WWE Divas Champion has been with WWE since 2006 and on the main roster since 2008, she is the longest tenured female performer on the current WWE roster.

John Cena – The man who WWE recently billed as “the greatest of all time” has been active on social media lately and is rumored to be a part of Wrestlemania. However, he is not clearly part of a feud or a storyline, nor has he announced recent intentions to challenge for a title. But the key is that John Cena is a major movie star, beyond his one-of-a-kind WWE accolades, so the door should always be open for his return to WWE a la The Rock, Batista and other crossover successes.

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