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Monday Night Raw saw one of the most heartbreaking scenes in recent memory when the “bromance” between Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens came to an end during the “Festival of Friendship.”

Just minutes before Owens turned on his best friend of the last few months, he was seen backstage talking to Triple H and it is thought that this is the reason why Owens decided that he didn’t need Jericho anymore.

Y2J and KO became friends because Owens didn’t have anyone else and now he doesn’t need Chris Jericho if he has the backing of the boss. Kevin Owens now joins Samoa Joe as the two huge stars who are now doing Triple H’s bidding.

After all, it was Triple H who handed Owens the Universal Championship last Summer. That means that Triple H could have informed Owens that he owes him and that he was turning the Universal Championship into a joke. If Kevin Owens has any hopes of defeating Goldberg at Fastlane then he needs to drop the comedy act and turn back into The Prizefighter who could easily brush aside the WCW Legend.

Seeds do seem to be being planted for a new heel stable that could be even more destructive that The Shield if Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens are already involved. Remember, Triple H always has a plan B and since Seth Rollins is out of action for the next few weeks, it seems as though The Game is cashing in on that heading into this year’s WrestleMania.

  • GTSJ

    but why? Owens didnt speak to hhh after he jumped Jericho.

    • BrahmaBullRKO

      What does afterwards matter? He was seen discussing something with HHH backstage earlier in the night, and it was likely HHH telling him to get rid of Jericho and side with him.

      • jmartin93

        But he already had the list of KO ready.

        • daddyj1

          Or did he? Triple could have easily have it to him.

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