heel stable

We recently reported that Triple H appears to be forming a new heavyweight heel stable, and in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Dave Meltzer confirmed this analysis.

Triple H planted the seeds for the stable on Monday when he pulled Kevin Owens away from Chris Jericho so he could talk business with Owens. The Game historically intervened in the match in August which saw Kevin Owens leaving as the Universal Champion in the first place and he might be cashing in on that favor.

It was noted that Samoa Joe is set to be the hitman for Kevin Owens and replace the role that Chris Jericho once held. However, if Seth Rollins is unable to fill his spot at WrestleMania, then Joe could be moved into a feud with Triple H.

Triple H appears to be the master manipulator behind the Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho break-up and the break-up happened at the best time it could because people weren’t expecting it to happen so soon.

One can draw a parallel with when Rollins turned on the rest of The Shield to join Triple H’s Authority stable, as some thought that The Shield broke up too early as well.

These plans might be in limbo right now and they might not start to move into position until there is a definitive word on whether or not Rollins will be forced to miss Orlando’s big show. As the story progresses it is certainly looking like Triple H is surrounding himself with another group of powerful individuals so he can freely do his heel bidding.