shane helms

It appears that whoever runs the Wendy’s Twitter account is a big wrestling fan because they’ve been on point with the wrestling references as of late. Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Shane Helms, also known as the Hurricane, recently told fans that he was upset when The Rock called him Hamburglar back in the day, because he’s a Wendy’s guy.

Wendy’s wasted no time when responding to the tweet as they referenced one of the Hurricane’s most famous lines.

Earlier this week a fan asked Wendy’s if they’ll be making a Broken Brilliance Burger in honor of Matt Hardy and the response from the Wendy’s Twitter account was hilarious to say the least.

Back in the day the Hurricane and Rock had a fun little feud going on while The Rock was playing his overly cocky Hollywood character. They provided fans with a few entertaining backstage segments and Hurricane even managed to get a big win over The Rock on Monday Night Raw.

Helms is currently working in TNA and he recently resurrected the Hurricane after he was thrown in the Lake of Reincarnation during Broken Matt Hardy’s Tag Team Apocolypto.

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