The glow was felt in Phoenix, which meant that Naomi captured her first WWE championship. The audience chanted “You deserve it” loudly as Trinity Fatu first placed her hands on her big blue belt, and you could tell she was holding back tears of joy.

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Trinity’s husband, Jimmy Uso met her backstage as soon as she breached the curtain to congratulate his wife on her win. These two look like they have an amazing relationship, and it’s very good to see that while Jimmy’s on-screen personality has been somewhat stripped from him, he still has loads of jokes.

Jimmy Uso teases Naomi on not knowing how to put on a championship title, then ribs her once more when he tells her that she put the title on upside-down. This clip is very cool, not only because it catches a great moment in the lives of this couple, but also a moment in WWE history.

Not every WWE superstar was happy when they got backstage at the Elimination Chamber as Dolph Ziggler was in no mood to talk. When he was asked about his thoughts on the match, Dolph simply replied, “You can’t be dumb enough to want to talk to me right now.” Ziggler sounded like he meant it, too.

Heel Ziggler lives and if he’s not racking up wins, at least he’s accumulating plenty of victims.