The Elimination Chamber felt the glow as Naomi made her way to the ring performing one of the sickest entrances on the current roster. It’s just so cool, this writer would watch animated gifs of her entrances for hours if he could. Alexa Bliss came to the ring looking like she was ready for business, a little compact package of attitude, sensuality, and danger. She makes such a good champion (this writer is actually wearing Bliss’ official WWE shirt tonight, just in case you cared).

The Harley Quinn of the WWE took some shots from Mrs. Jimmy Uso for a moment in the beginning by taking a running bulldog looking move to the turnbuckle, but her springboard move was reversed and Bliss sent her to the mat hard.

Bliss maintained control and kept the pressure on Naomi. Bliss threw Naomi into the turnbuckle and it looked like she really felt the glow as well as the pain on that one.

Alexa grounded Naomi with a rear chinlock for a moment, but she got out only to take a back elbow that sent her down. Bliss flipped off the ropes and the two traded roll-up pins. Naomi kicked Bliss in the head but was unable to capitalize on it due to selling the previous moves.

Alexa ended up running at Naomi but she hit Bliss with the “Rear View” (which is basically a butt to the face, which doesn’t sound half-bad really). Bliss took the advantage back and slammed Naomi to the mat by her hair and hit her with a flipping splash. Bliss brought Naomi to the corner and climbed to the top turnbuckle, only Ms. Feel the Glow kicked Bliss off and sent her tumbling to the ground.

Bliss countered Naomi’s attempt at a suicide dive and ended up getting a two-count, Bliss started throwing a little bit of a temper tantrum and ended up taking a springboard split-legged moonsault from Naomi but Bliss got her foot on the ropes to stop the pin.

Bliss went for her her top rope finisher, but Naomi blocked it with knees up. Naomi ended up scaling the top rope and hit her split-legged moonsault for the win.

The new Smackdown Women’s Champion is Naomi. She grabbed the mic and after Phoenix chanted “you deserve it” to her she announced that she was going to her hometown of Orlando to defend her new title, she put Bliss over for being a great champion (which she was) and celebrated with the WrestleMania logo above her shoulder.

Now the Smackdown women’s division has no choice but to feel the glow.

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