Everyone has their own stories about the perils of receiving awful customer service and today is one of those days when nobody wants to get bad news concerning something they ordered to be delivered. There are thousands of packages and deliveries going out on Valentine’s Day and nobody wants to be the unlucky victim of a misplaced order.

Apparently, Zack Ryder had a pretty bad Valentine’s Day because he ordered his girlfriend Chelsea Green some flowers but they were never delivered. Well, they might have been delivered just not to the intended recipient.

Long Island Iced Z ordered some flowers and they didn’t come as expected even though the status updates online said they had been successfully delivered. Ryder updated fans on his situation after calling the company and he was told to start knocking on his neighbors’ doors which is something I’d love to see him do. But it certainly isn’t very good customer service and even if he knocked on the right door he might find some trouble trying to get his flowers.

To be fair, Valentine’s Day is like Black Friday for the flower industry but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet as a company and give a dude his refund.

Let’s hope this situation gets resolved without much more escalation. After all, they seemed to have upset Ryder pretty badly and he’s not someone to mess with online. He is the WWE Internet Champion after all.

But on the bright side, at least they were actual flowers that got misplaced and not the kind Ric Flair had delivered to his girlfriend today. After all, it’s probably much easier to replace flowers if they’re real rather than solid gold.

Let’s also hope that even if Chelsea Green doesn’t get her flowers today that she still gives Zack some points for trying. At least she has the proof of delivery email so she can remember Valentine’s Day 2018.