dolph ziggler

YouTube star Trisha Paytas recently posted a video where she talked trash about Dolph Ziggler after he flaked out on her when they were supposed to meet up for drinks, and Paytas referred to Dolph as a “f*** boy” several times throughout the video. Trisha also called wrestling fake several times, and anyone who has ever made the mistake of offending the wrestling community in the past knows it’s a big mistake, and the YouTube star is currently facing the wrath of the fans.

Throughout her rant she referred to wrestling as “fake bulls**t” and she made it clear that she thinks wrestlers are overly cocky due to the attention they get from the fans.

“These people are so f**king cocky. I dated a wrestler before this guy too, I used to f**k around with a wrestler before him and he was the exact same way. I don’t know what it is about wrestlers. They have these big f**king heads because all their little fans, wrestling’s f**king fake, but all these fans of this wrestling fake bulls**t think it’s real and think he’s a god and then he starts thinking this s**t too.”

She also claimed that Dolph is leaving wrestling soon.

“By the way for all you wrestling fans for anyone who’s gonna like hate on me, wrestling’s f**king fake. This man is a 37 year old man, not a god, who is leaving wrestling soon anyways.”

Wrestling fans are not the type of fans you want to piss off, and they’ve been flooding Trisha’s social media profiles with negative comments, and according to her fans have also been releasing her personal info.

In response to all the negative attention, Paytas posted another video where she reads some of the comments from her Instagram page which can be viewed below.


  1. I hate it when ppl call wrestling fake I mean seriously how do you fake falling off a ladder? They’d probably just respond back with some stupid shit like”Duh the ladders fake dingus” Like seriously WTF does that have to do with falling off it.

  2. I laughed my ass off through the whole thing, probably because it’s the most interesting thing involving Dolph Ziggler since Rusev got Dog Ziggler. I hope she’s right that he’s leaving. He’s just boring as shit. He’s a good in ring worker, but that doesn’t keep me interested.