dolph ziggler

YouTube personality Trisha Paytas is not happy with WWE star Dolph Ziggler. Paytas recently posted a video where she rips on Ziggler and wrestling in general, and according to her the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion is leaving wrestling soon.

She starts the video off by saying Dolph Ziggler is “f**k boy” and then she goes into a lengthy rant about how Dolph backed out of their plans.

“The problem is, this boy is 37 and should not be a f**k boy. This boy should be a man. He has a grown ass job in the WWE. He should probably be a grown f**king man and own up to his s**t. You know the sex was good. I was really drunk though. I don’t remember much of it so when I say it was the best sex ever, I was f**king high and on drugs, and I’m like was it really even? The more I think about it, if I can’t remember it it was definitely not the best sex ever.”

She says that she started texting with Ziggler months ago and that he seemed like “good people” and they were compatible. Ziggler apparently made plans to get drinks with her but when the time came for them to meet up Ziggler texted her and said, “I’m gonna flake” then followed up with “I’m old.”

She also says she dated another wrestler but didn’t reveal who it was.

“These people are so f**king cocky. I dated a wrestler before this guy too, I used to f**k around with a wrestler before him and he was the exact same way. I don’t know what it is about wrestlers. They have these big f**king heads because all their little fans, wrestling’s f**king fake, but all these fans of this wrestling fake bulls**t think it’s real and think he’s a god and then he starts thinking this s**t too.”

Paytas goes on to say that Ziggler is leaving wrestling soon.

“If this guy f**king Dolph Ziggler, who is traditionally good looking, has a good job, even he is not worth it girls. He is not that hot and honestly I can’t remember the sex so it must not have been that good. By the way for all you wrestling fans for anyone who’s gonna like hate on me, wrestling’s f**king fake. This man is a 37 year old man, not a god, who is leaving wrestling soon anyways.”

You can check out the rant below.