cm punk

CM Punk hasn’t wrestled a match since he walked out of WWE after the 2014 Royal Rumble. But that doesn’t mean he’s retired from the squared circle. He has just been focusing a majority of his time on his MMA endeavors as of late but there is always the chance he could slide back into a wrestling role if the mood strikes him. After all, there aren’t very many places that wouldn’t let CM Punk wrestle for them.

Now as Punk supposedly prepares for his next MMA fight which could be happening in June as he hopes to fight in Chicago in front of his home crowd that seems to be where most of his energy is going. But you can never say never in the wonderful world of pro wrestling.

New Japan Pro Wrestling is currently traveling throughout Austrailia as part of their Fall Out Down Under tour. It is a very busy schedule and Matt Jackson simply tweeted out at fans to let them know what kind of grind they were currently going through in order to bring Aussie fans the art of pro wrestling.

CM Punk saw this tweet and chimed in saying that when The Young Bucks can run a marathon on top of it to give him a call. What happened next was a little back and forth where Matt Jackson invited Punk to run with them in September. In case you didn’t know, September is the month when The Elite is holding their huge 10,000 seat show called “All In.”

Punk tweeted back saying he was running in Chicago during October making reference to the annual Chicago Marathon, but then he turned around and provided a glimmer of hope that he’d be interested in running with them as well. Only time will tell if this is an honest showing that The Second City Savior is game to join the Bullet Club in their gutsy endeavor, but it certainly wasn’t a complete rejection.

Then again, Punk also included a meme of Superman looking for the joke so it might just be the former WWE Champion having a good time at our expense by getting our hopes up once again.

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