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WWE has a few incredible tag teams right now and although some might say the division is weak on either show the reality is that there are actually more than enough tandems to go around. The Raw brand has seen The Bar dominate the roster for most of 2017 and their reign continued into this year. Now they are looking toward WrestleMania and the Raw Tag Team Champions are still without an opponent.

We previously reported how there are reports that The Bar’s tag team foes for the Show Of Shows aren’t even a current team right now. But that won’t stop Sheamus from speaking out and he was very sure of himself. The Bar has defeated pretty much every team available at this point and by plowing over The Revival on Raw this week that means Sheamus and Cesaro are still without dance partners for April 8th.

The Celtic Warrior tweeted out an open challenge questioning who would face him and Cesaro at WrestleMania. It didn’t take long for Nick Jackson to speak up and inform Sheamus that they happen to have that date open.

The Young Bucks might be busy with the ROH Supercard Of Honor show the day before WrestleMania, but there might be a possibility of them stopping by the Superdome too while they’re in the area. After all, the Hardys did it last year.

Of course, this seems highly unlikely for a number of reasons primarily the fact that the Young Bucks are signed to a different company. But if WWE would loosen their reins a little bit on the rules and let the Young Bucks compete on a one-off handshake deal at Mania it would certainly be a WrestleMania Moment that nobody would ever forget. True, it might be hard to top the Hardy Boyz returning at WrestleMania 33, but if Nick and Matt Jackson showed up this year it would still probably break the internet.

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