all in

When ROH rolled into New York City on Saturday night, the Hammerstein Ballroom was packed to see some of the top names in indie wrestling compete. But they got way more than they expected when Cody Rhodes took the microphone and started cutting a promo.

Ever since Cody left WWE he’s been loved and despised by fans at the same time. People love Cody not only because of who he is in the ring but also his amazing personality outside the business as well. But Cody was looking to draw heat and he knew exactly how he would get it out of the New York fans.

Cody took the microphone and announced that All In 2 was just decided on and they’re holding it in New York City. The house erupted and “Thank you Cody” chants broke out before Rhodes busted everyone’s bubble saying he was just kidding.

This drew a massive amount of heat for Cody but that was his well-planned intention.

The Young Bucks later made their way to the ring and teased that All In 2 could potentially take place in New York City, and they even mentioned Madison Square Garden before thanking the fans and calling it a night.

Edge is always looking to pull one over on people and happy to lighten the mood in almost any situation. His jokester antics actually landed him his own WWE Network show alongside his longtime cohort Christian. His sense of humor is also the reason why the two have a Pod Of Awesomeness which is always good for a laugh especially if Tommy Dreamer is on the show.

But Edge’s wife Beth Phoenix never expected her husband’s fun-loving nature would result in him tossing a dead spider her way.

Not only was it a dead spider, but it was as big as a Voltswagon too. Phoenix posted a picture of the deceased arachnid next to a penny and it’s easy to see how this would scare anyone half to death.

Hopefully, everything will be okay but I guess you never know what can get inside your house when you least expect it.