Sean Waltman has dazzled crowds all around the world as he spread his message of crotch chops and high kicks for the better part of three decades.

We will never forget the first time we really noticed Sean Waltman. Of course, back then he was simply known as “The Kid.” But when he beat Razor Ramon on Raw out of nowhere, he shocked the planet. After that astonishing victory, he was known as the 1-2-3 Kid. He later wrestled Bret Hart and blew us away with his ability to match The Hitman while nearly defeating the Excellence Of Execution.

Waltman later found his way to WCW where he was a member of the nWo as Syxx. But, he would later find even more success and receive his biggest credit when he returned to the World Wrestling Federation as a member of D-Generation X.

Alongside Triple H, Chyna, and The New Age Outlaws, X-Pac whipped fans into a frenzy with his patented Bronco Buster and the way he screamed: “suck it.”

X-Pac is a 4-time WWE Tag Team Champion, European Champion, Light Heavyweight Champion, and WCW Cruiserweight Champion. That doesn’t even include the various titles he’s racked up in the indies either. Needless to say, he’s solidified himself as a legend in the business.

Sean Waltman currently enjoys a great amount of success in his highly entertaining podcast: X-Pac 12360. He must be doing great in this new venture too because he’s going to stop taking indie dates very soon.

Last month on his X-Pac 12360 show he noted that he’s not officially retiring, but he will no longer be taking bookings at the end of April.

“That’s not the case. I told my agent, Bill Behrens, he’s awesome… I told him, quit taking wrestling bookings in April. At the end of April I’m done taking bookings for the rest of the year. I’m done wrestling independently this year. I’m done. I’m not retired. I’m not going, OK this is my retirement. It’s just my body is just like, come on.”

Sean Waltman is one of the names who really should be considered for the WWE Hall Of Fame. Not only was he a member of the Kliq, which is arguably the most influential force in backstage wrestling politics. But, he was also a member of the nWo and later DX. He’s had his battles with demons in the past, but he seems to be doing great now.