There have been many developments for Jeff Jarrett’s life in recent weeks. He parted ways with Impact Wrestling and recently they separated themselves from Jarrett and GFW entirely.

Double J recently checked himself into a rehab and we really wish the best for him as he turns it around and gets back on track.

X-Pac spent some time with Jeff Jarrett in his day and knows him pretty well. The former DX member opened up about Double J on his podcast X-Pac 12360. X-Pac says he loves Jarrett and the two were close in their time, but it doesn’t stop him from worrying about his friend.

“A lot of the stuff is allegedly but it doesn’t take away from the fact that it seems that Jarrett is going through some sh-t right now. You hear different stories, although some parts of the story may not be true or maybe exaggerated. When you hear several stories like this, there’s something to it and Jeff has gone through a ton of heartache over the years. The lost of his children’s mother and other things that we probably don’t even know. I’ve known Jeff for a long time and Jeff has never been afraid to party but he’s always held it together and when I hear things like this it makes me worry and I love Jeff very much.”

X-Pac also opened up about Nia Jax’s recent walk-out from WWE. Rumors are The Rock told her to leave which is really hard to believe for him.

“Rumor is that she called The Rock and that the Rock advised her to walk out- I cannot buy that, I absolutely don’t buy that Dwayne Johnson gave his cousin advice to walk out of the company. I don’t believe that for one second.” 

No matter what the reason for Nia Jax’s walk out, Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that any stories saying Nia Jax left due to anger, money, “or anything like that” is false.

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