Former NXT star Danny Burch vs. Jordan Devlin was the second match of the night. Devlin was trained by Finn Balor (who was sitting at ringside) and he seemed to have an initial advantage.

Devlin has a great looking dropkick, even more of an indication that he was trained by the likes of Balor. This match slowed down slightly as Devlin applied a chinlock to Burch for a good portion of the middle of about, grounding them both.

Although the crowd seemed to be strongly behind Jordan Devlin from the get-go, they soon turned to support Danny Burch.

This methodically paced matchup ended when Devlin caught Burch in the back of the head with a stiff kick busting him open. Although Burch kicked out at the two count as soon as the referee saw the blood pouring from the back of birches baldhead he stopped the match.

As the crowd chanting “bulls**t” Devlin’s hand was in victory. After a handshake, Devlin got even more heel heat on himself by kicking Burch in the face to conclude the segment.