braun strowman

Last week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw was the first episode with Paul Heyman working as Executive Director, and it seems that there was some interest among wrestling fans, as viewership was up compared to the week before.

Fightful is now reporting that WWE will be targeting the 18-34 demographic with Raw moving forward, and that WWE is hoping to “recapture the lost teenage audience.”

Paul Heyman has been pretty transparent about the fact that Vince McMahon still has the final say, and it’s being reported that he sits in the middle of production meetings instead of at the front of the room.

It’s being said that Heyman has spoken to several team members about Vince McMahon coming to grips with the fact that Monday Night Raw needs to be upgraded.

Some have taken a “wait and see” approach in regards to WWE making changes, but there seems to be more optimism coming out of Raw last week.