Vince McMahon returned to WWE back in January and he made it clear that he was looking to sell the company. Following WrestleMania it was announced that Endeavor will acquire WWE and WWE will merge with UFC to form one publicly traded company.

After the sale was announced Vince McMahon appeared on CNBC and said “yes and no” when asked if he could be getting involved with creative in the future. He followed up by saying that he wouldn’t be “in the weeds.” Since then there’s been a lot of speculation regarding Vince’s involvement with creative, but Nick Khan recently indicated that Triple H is still the one who’s in charge.

One way or another it seems that some people are concerned about Vince McMahon’s involvement as PWInsider Elite is reporting that there’s been a “slightly bubbling paranoia” among talent over the last few weeks.

It was noted that the paranoia is mainly among wrestlers who were brought back to the company by Triple H last year who aren’t being pushed at the moment. Talent are reportedly fearful that not only will they be relegated to the undercard, but that the could be at the top of the list for names who are let go if WWE decides to make cuts.

There are no edicts regarding talent being relegated to the undercard, but the feeling of talent “walking on eggshells” has returned along with Vince McMahon.