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[This is a live result so keep checking back throughout the night for more updates!]

It’s finally time for WWE’s big November Classic. There weren’t any titles on the line (on the main show) but it could be argued that there was a lot on the line regardless of that. Raw and SmackDown Live were putting their best against each other as Champion faces Champion and there were two huge classic Survivor Series Elimination Matches as well.

WWE did their best to tell the stories of their Superstars on their way to this pit-stop on the way to WrestleMania. The build is slowing starting and there were sure to be signs of what’s to come in the Show Of Shows during Survivor Series.

It was a tough road as two brands fought to prove themselves. Houston had a huge main show ahead of them, but the kickoff show was pretty great too.

So without further ado, I present: Elias

Elias vs Matt Hardy

This match was stuck on the kickoff show because, why not? Everyone loves these two and everyone deserves to perform on the show. Even if it’s just the kickoff show. Elias told people they needed to ask themselves “What would Elias do?” I can only hope WWED shirts are on the way.

Elias said one thing he wouldn’t do is go to Houston and he didn’t get very far into his song before the crowd started to boo him. He’s working out as a decent heel, that’s for sure. But Matt Hardy’s entrance cut Elias off as he was still singing away dropping verbal bombs on Hardy and Survivor Series’ host city.

The “Delete” chants were thick as soon as the bell sounded. Then Matt Hardy got the early advantage and Elias was left trying to catch his breath after an early onslaught.

Elias turned it around and started focusing on Matt Hardy’s shoulder. The Drifter hammered away at Hardy and hit a nasty looking shoulder breaker over his knee.  They moved out to the apron where Elias continued to torque on Matt’s arm, but Hardy reversed and hit a Side Effect on the apron.

Hardy sold his injured arm but continued his assault on Elias. He hit a bulldog and hit another Side Effect for a two-count. In spite of putting forth a great effort, Matt Hardy ate the Drift Away and put Elias Samson over.

Winner: Elias via pinfall

Enzo Amore vs Kaliso (Cruiserweight Championship Match)

Enzo came out in a leopard print boxing robe on like he’s ready to get in the ring with Connor McGregor which would be a boxing match I would pay way more than $100 for. Amore cut a promo on Kalisto about his wish coming true because there’s no way Kalisto is taking “my boo.” Isn’t it cute how Enzo has seemed to call that title his boo ever since Liv Morgan broke up with him?

Enzo attacked Kalisto early on and hit him with some shoulder blocked in the corner, but Kalisto laid in a kick and sent Enzo powdering out of the ring. Kalisto chased him and hit Enzo with a nice Code Red sunset bomb for a two count when they returned to the ring.

Kalisto was slowed down when Kalisto grabbed his mask and sent him down to the canvas. Enzo kept the pressure on Kalisto for a bit and wrenched in a rear chinlock.

Enzo backed Kalisto into the corner and kicked at him then he hung his masked competitor in a tree of woe. Enzo squared off like a football player and hit a running forearm to Kalisto’s chest. Enzo slapped on another headlock with his knee across Kalisto’s back for a bit while he kept the pressure as he transitioned into another headlock after delivering a forearm smash to the face. Then he sent Kalisto back down to the mat.

Enzo put Kaliso in another tree of woe, but Kalisto had it scouted that time and rose up when Enzo went charging. Kalisto hit a moonsault but couldn’t make the cover. Kalisto hit a few more fast-paced moves and waited for Enzo to get back on his feet. But Enzo powdered out to avoid the Salida Del Sol and then Enzo dragged Kalisto out onto the apron.

Enzo went for the Jord-Enzob but Kalisto blocked it. After they made it back to the ring, Enzo hit his finisher anyway and won the match to retain his title… I mean his boo.

Winner and STILL Cruiserweight Champion: Enzo Amore

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn vs Breezango

It didn’t look like KO or Zayn were going to get a fair shake at Survivor Series and at the last minute they were added into a match on the kickoff show that made no sense. Breezango is a top babyface team and KO/Zayn are supposed to be heels so that’s about all the backstory we have here.

All four of these guys really deserve better in all reality, but especially Kevin and Sami. KO got on the mic and said they didn’t come to WWE to fight two clowns like Breezango. Zayn called it a disgrace and an insult to the two best on SmackDown and that got a pop.

KO said The Fashion Police should investigate a real crime and it’s their push because he’s in the same building he won his first IC and Universal Championships but they’re not leading their team to victory because of Shane McMahon. They were really great in this segment while proclaiming the vendetta Shane McMahon has against them.

Sami and Kevin said they rolled out of the ring during the Raw invasion because it wasn’t their fight — then Breezango came out and they’re awesome too. This match is between two excellent teams.

Breeze said they got an anonymous tip that there were two guys offending Houston. He said all of the unmanicured facial hair of his opponents were at least ten violations. Fandango called Zayn “paperboy” and then they said it was “violation time” referring to the fashion violations they like to hand out.

These two teams might be underutilized in this match but they were still amazing. KO and Zayn cut the ring in half and kept Tyler Breeze down. They used great moved like Sami applying a leglock while Kevin hit a running senton. They’re great heels, and even better allies than they were as enemies.

“He’s not on my level, damn it” Owens said as he kept Breeze on the mat in a rear chinlock. Then he brought Breeze to his feet and drove him back down to reapply the submission.

“Oh, you’re really bad” Sami Zayn taunted Tyler Breeze as KO wrenched away at his neck. Breeze got his knees up on KO when he went for another senton and both partners got tags at the same time.

Fandango hit a nice looking DDT and the pin was broken up by Owens. Breeze tossed Owens outside and Kevin drove him against the apron. Dango went to the top rope and tried the Last Dance legdrop but KO pulled Zayn away.

Owens tagged himself in and hit the popup powerbomb for the win. At least KO and Sami won.

Winners: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Main Show

The Shield vs The New Day

Okay, this match was going to kick off the Survivor Series main card which was a huge sign they were about to tear the house down.

The New Day came out and cut a pretty lengthy promo full of double entendre and pop culture references. It was a pretty good way to rehash the feud but do we really need a ten-minute promo before a pay-per-view match we’re already plenty excited for?

This match started out slowly but once Roman Reigns was standing toe-to-toe with Big E people started chanting “you still suck” at Reigns. Big E leveled Reigns with a shoulder tackle but Reigns leapfrogged over him after that and took E down with a clothesline followed by a Samoan Drop after Big E told him to “suck on that sucka!”

The Shield clotheslined Big E and Kofi out of the ring leaving only Woods in the ring. Ambrose pummelled Woods in the corner and tagged in Reigns who took his head off with a clothesline. Rollins tagged in and hit a top-rope right hand. The carried on hitting one big elbow after another but Xavier crawled between Ambrose’s legs and tagged Kofi who turned it around for a bit.

Kofi hit a Boom Drop and tagged in Big E who isolated Dean Ambrose. Then it was time for the New Day to execute a Unicorn Stampede which they actually pulled off twice on The Lunatic Fringe.

Finally Reigns and Rollins ran around and pulled New Day off the apron. Big E hit one of those scary suicide dive spears through the ropes on Ambrose and everyone except Seth and Roman were laid out. Big E tossed Dean in the ring and got a two count. As much as he tried, Woods wouldn’t let Ambrose get to the ropes.

Ambrose sent Woods to the mat face-first from the top rope but Woods got a tag before Ambrose could descend from the turnbuckle. Dean knocked E off and hit a missile dropkick and tagged in Seth.

Rollins hit a blockbuster and slingblade on Kofi for a two count. Rollins hit a bucklebomb on Woods followed by a massive lariat from Reigns for a two count. Reigns geared up but missed a Superman Punch and Woods squirmed out of a Samoan Drop but took a Superman Punch anyway.

Xavier hit a knee to Roman’s face during the spear and Big E got the tag. Dean was tagged in too but Seth broke up The Midnight Hour with some kicks. Seth and Dean hit the knee and Dirty Deeds combo on Kingston but Xavier broke up the pin.

Roman and Dean sent Big E and Kofi into the barricade on either side of the ring. Xavier was out in the middle of the ring and all three members of The Shield went for the Triple Powerbomb but Big E pulled Roman under the rope to assault him just in time. Woods fought off Seth and Dean while Kofi jumped in too. Woods kicked Dean in the head and looked intense.

The New Day triple-teamed Roman outside and returned to the ring to focus on Ambrose. Woods and Kofi hit kicks to Dean’s face and The New Day executed two excellent splashes in a row on Ambrose.

Big E picked up both Ambrose and Rollins and they hit a double Midnight Hour. But Roman jumped in and broke up the pinfall right at the last second. Roman got the legal tag and the two teams prepared to square off once more.

Then it all broke out into a melee. Kofi and Roman kept it in the ring where Roman hit a spear on him and then The Shield hit a Super Shield Triple Powerbomb on Kofi Kingston. 1-2-3 and The Shield reigned supreme like Tenacious D.

Winners: The Shield via pinfall

Women’s Survivor Series Match

Becky Lynch, Natalya, Carmella, Naomi, Tamina vs Alicia Fox, Nia Jax, Asuka, Sasha Banks, Bayley

Asuka got the biggest reaction from the Houston crowd by far.

The team captains started out the match and unfortunately Alicia Fox couldn’t wrestle in that fantastic feathery sailor’s hat she was wearing before the match. Lynch delivered a few stiff forearm shots on Foxy and really didn’t let up at all because that’s not what she’s known for. She hit a top rope legdrop for a two count.

Bayley got the tag and rolled Lynch up right off the bat and got the three count.

Becky Lynch has been eliminated

Tamina came in and Bayley kept up the fight on Snuka. Then Asuka got the tag and started pummeling away on Tamina. She tagged Foxy in and they kept Tamina isolated in Team Raw’s corner. But once Bayley got the tag, Tamina turned that around.

Carmella got the tag but quickly tagged out to Tamina. But Mella laid Bayley out with a Superkick allowing Tamina to hit a splash on Bayley for the pin.

Bayley has been eliminated

Sasha Banks looked shook in the corner. Tamina and Nia Jax were tagged in at the same time and these two women from the Anoa’i Family squared off. Jax dominated her, to say the least. She hit Tamina with a sick rolling splash for a two count.

Tamina knocked Nia Jax for a loop when she got back up but Nia picked Tamina up. However, Lana got on the apron and Jax leveled her sending her flying off the apron to the floor — Lana’s shoe went flying too.

Jax was sent to the outside where Tamina hit her with a stiff superkick followed by a cross body splash. The referee kept counting and Nia Jax was counted out.

Nia Jax has been eliminated

Foxy got the tag and screamed at Nia, “what happened?!” Naomi snuck up behind her to get a roll-up pin for a two count. Naomi missed a split-legged moonsault and Foxy kicked her in the face.

Foxy tried for a backbreaker but Naomi turned it around into a pin. It looked like Foxy kicked out but the referee said he counted to three.

Alicia Fox has been eliminated

Sasha Banks immediately jumped in and locked a Bank Statement on Naomi until she tapped out.

Naomi has been eliminated

Carmella jumped in to hammer away at Banks but The Boss quickly turned it around. Asuka got the tag and started laying waste to Mella with kicks. Carmella kicked out at two and countered out of one of Asuka’s assaults.

Mella pinned Asuka in the corner and kicked her really hard. Then Mella hit a bronco buster on The Empress Of Tomorrow. She taunted Sasha Banks and slapped Asuka which wasn’t a good move.

So Asuka kicked Mella’s head off and pinned her with ease.

Carmella has been eliminated

Natalya came in the match and took a double suplex from Banks and Asuka. Banks and Nattie ended up in the ring when The Queen Of Harts hit a stiff discus clothesline for a two count.

Sasha Banks hit a couple quick clotheslines and then the double knees in the corner. Sasha locked on The Bank Statement as Nattie yelled “help me!” Tamina jumped in to break up the move, but the damage was done.

However, Nattie soon had a sharpshooter locked in. Tamina ran in and knocked Asuka off the apron giving Sasha Banks no choice but to tap out.

Sasha Banks has been eliminated

Asuka was on the floor when she realized she had two SmackDown Superstars to worry about. Nattie and Tamina hit a double suplex on Asuka as Tamina kept bringing the pain to The Empress Of Tomorrow. Things weren’t looking good for the undefeated Asuka… until she moved out of the way from a splash and hit a jumping armbar.

Tamina soon tapped out to Asuka’s submission hold.

Tamina has been eliminated

Nattie came in and immediatly tried to lock in a Sharpshooter but Asuka turned it around into her own leg submission but Nattie broke free.

Asuka then jumped up and soon got on the Asuka Lock… tap tap tap.

Natalya has been eliminated

Winner and SOLE SURVIVOR: Asuka

Baron Corbin vs The Miz

Curtis Axel was still wearing a red neck brace as he continued to put Braun Strowman over for being a beast and showing he’s true to Raw at the same time. Maryse was there as well but she had a ringside seat in the crowd instead of standing at ringside where anything can happen.

Baron and Miz traded shots and Baron ended up blowing Maryse a kiss which didn’t go over well with The Miz.

Corbin backed Miz into the corner and dominated him with his size. Baron took Miz out with a knee and Miz pulled the top rope down to send Corbin crashing to the floor. Baron chased Curtis Axel away but Bo Dallas hit him with a chop block on the apron.

The Miz tried to set up for a Figure 4 once they got in the ring and he finally locked it in. The Miz learned that move from the best after all but Corbin used his heighth to get to the bottom rope first.

The crowd was firmly behind Miz which was a nice change of pace. The Lone Wolf hit a Deep Six and got a two count.

Corbin took out Miztourage and hit an End Of Days on Axel. Miz rolled him up for a pin 1-2 kickout. Corbin tried for an End Of Days on The Miz but Miz flipped out of it and hit a DDT for another two count.

The Miz started the “It Kicks” but of course he missed the last one. However, Miz did hit some nice running dropkicks in the corner.. but the third one was turned into an End Of Days. 1-2-3 and The Lone Wolf broke SmackDown Live’s losing streak

Winner: Baron Corbin via pinfall

The Bar vs The Usos

The Usos said if Sheamus and Cesaro are The Bar then tonight they’re gonna be pole vaulters.

Sheamus and Jimmy started things out and The Celtic Warrior used his brute strength to take advantage early on. But Jey got the tag and The Usos used their tag team ability to keep Sheamus on the defense with their quick tags.

Cesaro got the tag and went to take his turn in the match and about that time my WWE Network froze, gave me an error, and kicked me out. I’ll call them out for that, I don’t care because I’ve paid $9.99 a month since WrestleMania XXX. There’s no reason or excuse for that happening. By the time I could get the match back on, Sheamus had Jimmy Uso on the mat in a headlock.

Sheamus got Uce ready for the 10 Beats Of The Bodhran but he stopped and Jimmy snapped his neck across the top rope. Both teams tagged in at the same time and Jey Uso took some quick offense to Cesaro ending in a Samoan Drop.

Jey went for a hip attack in the corner but Cesaro moved and hit an uppercut. Then Cesaro went running for Jey and was backdropped into the corner where he then took a hip attack. The Usos hit a Superkick and pinned Cesaro again for a two count.

Sheamus sent Jimmy into the barricade on the outside while Jey hit Cesaro in the face. Cesaro distracted the referee by saying it hit his mouthpiece while Sheamus could hit Jey. Cesaro locked on a Sharpshooter. Jimmy ran in to break it up but was leveled by Sheamus. Jey finally got to the ropes to break up the Sharpshooter but the damage had already been done.

Then Sheamus picked Jey up intended for White Noise but Uce broke free. After a skirmish, Sheamus looked like he was down for the count after taking a Samoan Drop from the top rope but he kicked out at two.

The Young Bucks… I mean the Usos started leveling Sheamus with Superkicks and soon hit Sheamus with a Splash off the top to win the match.

I would have had much more detailed results if WWE Network’s stream wouldn’t have been so janky. Seriously, the service was pathetic and WWE should be ashamed of the quality of their product because I couldn’t even watch it fluidly without it stopping and going to a pinwheel at least once every minute.

Winner: The Usos

Charlotte Flair vs Alexa Bliss

The two top women from Raw and SmackDown Live fought hard as Bliss focused on Charlotte’s ribs early on but Flair’s power was able to prove more than beneficial.

Charlotte tried to get to the top rope but Bliss pulled her down and trapped her in a tree of woe. Bliss hit a stiff dropkick to a prone Flair and sent The Queen toppling to the floor.

Bliss jumped on top and looked like she was going for the Twisted Bliss but Charlotte moved and Bliss hit her with double knees instead to flip back around for another double knee for a two count.

Flair tried to fight back but Bliss hit a beautiful sunset bomb for a two count. Bliss screamed at Charlotte Flair which caused her to light up LIttle Miss Bliss with some chops. Bliss locked in a guillotine choke hold and kept Flair down. Flair picked Bliss up and brought her back down the mat with a sitdown powerbomb.

Flair hit the Natural Selection for a two count and Charlotte looked like she was done going so easy on Alexa. Flair stepped on Bliss and climbed to the top only to miss a moonsault when Bliss moved out of the way. Alexa covered for a two count.

Bliss hit a DDT and covered Flair but she got her foot on the bottom rope. At this point, Alexa threw a Bliss Fit while screaming “why won’t you give up?!”

Charlotte hit a spear but both women were too drained to capitalize on it. Bliss hit a dropkick in the corner and stalked Flair before stomping her back with both feet and ascending to the top rope.

Bliss went for the Twisted Bliss but Charlotte got her knees up. Flair hit a big boot to the face and locked in the Figure 8. It didn’t take much time for Alexa Bliss to tap out.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles

Jinder Mahal cut a promo about how he’s rooting for AJ Styles which was nice of him. Then Mahal said he’s rooting for Brock Lesnar to beat the hell out of AJ which should have been more expected.

AJ Styles tried to start things off with offense, but Lesnar had other plans when he tossed Styles around the ring a couple times. Lesnar pinned Styles against the corner and torqued at his head, face, and neck before sending him to the mat.

Brock Lesnar hammered down on Styles’ spine. It didn’t take long before Brock Lesnar was taking AJ Styles to Suplex City.

AJ exited the ring and Brock followed him. Lesnar launched Styles into the German announce table and tossed him back in the ring. It was all very brutal and Styles didn’t stand much of a chance.

Lesnar hit another German Suplex and AJ Styles either sold it like a brilliant artist, or he was legitimately out of it. Brock propped AJ up in the corner and laid in a knee to AJ’s face. Styles was hurt and shaken up.

Brock begged AJ to fight him, but he ducked every shot and clubbed Styles in the chest to knock him back down.

Styles mounted somewhat of an offense for a moment but it didn’t last long before Lesnar knocked him back down and kicked him for good measure. AJ Styles reversed out of an F5 and hit a dropkick to the knees of The Beast Incarnate. AJ hit a DDT and now both men were on the matt.

The crowd started to chant for AJ Styles as he kicked away at Lesnar. Styles went for a springboard moonsault but he caught Styles and attempted to slam him but AJ reversed out of it.

AJ hit a Pele Kick to the back of Lesnar’s neck and prepared for something on the apron. Brock sidestepped AJ and sent him for another German Suplex instead of taking a Phenomenal Forearm.

Brock ended up toppling to the floor after his momentum brought him crashing over the top rope. AJ then hit a Phenomenal Forearm from the ring to the floor on Lesnar.

AJ sent Brock over the ring steps and hit another jumping forearm off the ring steps. He rolled Brock back in the ring but was leveled with a forearm. AJ caught Lesnar in the ear with a kick and landed a springboard moonsault. Then he rolled to the apron and hit the springboard 450 Splash.

AJ was going for a Styles Clash but Brock got him up for an F5. Styles rolled through it and locked in a Calf Crusher until Lesnar just smalled AJ’s head against the canvas over and over again until Styles broke the hold… that’s one way to get out of that move.

“This is awesome” chants broke out as Brock got AJ up for another F5 but AJ countered and hit a Phenomenal Forearm for real. AJ covered for the win 1-2-kick out!

Then AJ rolled to the apron again and took off his elbow pad and went for another Phenomenal Forearm but he was caught by Lesnar and nailed with an F5. 1-2-3 it was over and The Beast Incarnate won.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Men’s Survivor Series Match

Kurt Angle, Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, and Triple H vs Shane McMahon, Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura, Randy Orton, and John Cena

Shane McMahon tried to jump Strowman early on but he got tossed across the ring. Orton came in and tangled with Samoa Joe until Finn Balor got the tag. Shinsuke Nakamura wanted to get in the match and that’s what happened.

It was a crazy crowd for sure as chants of NXT were blaring. Suddenly Triple H wanted a tag to face Shinsuke Nakamura which totally happened. Nakamura told Triple H to “come on” and that’s what happened. Triple H backed Nakamura into the turnbuckle and then backed off slightly.

Triple H turned his back for a second and Shinsuke sent him to the canvas. Nakamura hit a facebuster and then Bobby Roode tagged in so Triple H could face his second creation! Roode shoved Trips and did the Glorious taunt right in front of Hunter but got punched in the face for good measure.

Boooby chopped Trips in the corner and shot him to the corner. He came back with a clothesline and started chopping away at him. Triple H hit a spinebuster on Roode and then did his own Glorious taunt which he turned into a “suck it.”

Roode countered and pulled off a Glorious taunt. Roode couldn’t hit a Glorious DDT and Trips couldn’t hit a Pedigree. Then Kurt Angle got the tag and suplexed Bobby Roode all over the ring. Roode countered out of an Angle Slam and took each other out with a double clothesline.

Nakamura got the tag and took the pain to Kurt Angle in the form of some stiff knee strikes. Nakamura took everyone out with his knees including Triple H but Braun Strowman got the blind tag. However Nakamura would eat a running powerslam and a pinfall.

Shinsuke Nakamura has been eliminated

Bobby Roode jumped in next but Braun wouldn’t sell much. He hit Roode with a running powerslam and got another pinfall.

Bobby Roode has been eliminated

Samoa Joe walked in and shoved Strowman for some reason. Then Angle got in-between them and Triple H tried to settle them down too. Suddenly Triple H and Kurt Angle started shoving each other and Orton came in to shove Angle into Triple H.

Orton hit his vintage DDT on Triple H. Cena and Orton came in and took on Strowman they took it to the outside and Braun started to dismantle an announce table. As Braun started to look at Cena, Orton interrupted and they tried to hit Strowman with a suplex thorugh the table. But The Monster Among Men was too heavy. Therfore the entire Team SmackDown including Roode and Nakamura joined and suplexed Braun through the table.

Shane McMahon jumped on the top rope and prepared for something stupid, but Samoa Joe jumped up on the top rope and hit a sick superplex. Cena jumped in to break it up and now it was time for Joe and Cena to go at it.

John Cena turned things around and proved how Super he is by hitting AA’s on Finn and Samoa Joe. He covered Joe to take the Samoan Submission Machine out.

Samoa Joe has been eliminated

Kurt Angle stepped in to face John Cena next as Michael Cole talked up their history together. Cena and Angle traded shoulder blocks and reset each time. The crowd was fully behind seeing these two legends go at it as it evolved into trading shots in the middle of the ring.

Cena hit Angle with a slam and a 5 Knuckle Shuffle, but Angle didn’t let the Shuffle part get off (no pun intended) before locking in an Ankle Lock. Angle hit an Angle Slam and Shane jumped in to break up the pin. Siddenly Finn Balor hit a Coup De Gras on Cena and Kurt hit another Angle Slam for a pinfall.

John Cena has been eliminated

Randy Orton got the tag and Finn Balor took him out with a double stomp to the check. Finn ran around the ring and desroyed Shane McMahon with a shotgun dropkick to the barricade.

Finn jumped back in to take the fight to Randy but Orton moved out of the way from a Coup De Gras and hit an RKO outa nowhere for a pinfall.

Finn Balor has been eliminated

Triple H tagged in to take on Randy Orton. These two former Evolution members went toe-to-toe and just as Orton looked like he was getting a tag, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn jumped the barricade and pulled Shane down. They beat McMahon around the ring until Shane grabbed a chair and leveled them both with shots.

Braun Strowman got to tag and soon hit Randy Orton with a running powerslam. 1-2-3 and…

Randy Orton has been eliminated

Now it was just Shane McMahon vs Braun, Triple, and Angle. The referee took the chair from Shane’s hand as he paced around outside. He didn’t like the odds and seemed like he didn’t want to get in the ring.

Shane stepped into the ring and just as Braun was about to approach Shane, Triple H tagged himself in to face his brother-in-law.

But then Kurt Angle tagged himself in before Triple H and Shane could tangle. Shane jumped Angle and pinned him but Kurt kicked out. He shot Angle off the ropes and hit a jumping elbow for another two count. Shane rolled him up for a pin but got a two count. Shane hit a DDT, but only got another two count. What was happening?

Finally, Kurt hit an Angle Slam and applied an Ankle Lock. Shane tried to hang on and tried to roll through the move but it didn’t work.

Triple H looked dismayed on the apron and finally pulled Kurt off of Shane, pedigreed him, and put Shane over Kurt Angle. 1-2-3 now…

Kurt Angle has been eliminated

Triple H stood over Shane and looked at Braun Strowman. The tides might have turned and Braun seemed very confused. Then Triple H kicked Shane McMahon in the guy, hit a pedigree and made the pin… okay.

Shane McMahon has been eliminated

Winners and SOLE SURVIVORS: Triple H and Braun Strowman

As Triple H raised Braun’s hand after the match, Strowman looked very confused although Triple H seemed very happy. Braun really didn’t know what was going on. Then Braun choked Triple and yelled “if you ever try to cross me again I promise you will never play this game again! Do you hear me?!”

Triple H seemed shaken and suddenly went up to Braun and tried for a Pedigree, but Strowman reversed out of it and hit a running powerslam on Triple H. “One more time” the crowd chanted… so Strowman did it again.

Survivor Series ended with Raw winning but in reality, the biggest winner of the night was Braun Strowman.




















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