It’s Easter and some of WWE’s biggest names and superstars have holiday greetings for fans. Depending on how you decide to celebrate Easter Sunday we hope it’s a good day for you. Whether you go to church or spend all day watching the Twilight movies on Freeform it should be a day spent with family enjoying life. Matt Hardy tweeted out a little film of King Maxel enjoying Easter Sunday. This is just awesome.

Jim Ross recently lost his wife to a horrible accident and the WWE Hall Of Famer had a very heartfelt message to fans for Easter.

Titus O’Neil has become known for his inspirational and motivational quotes. No matter what turn his WWE career might take, he will always find a spot in life as someone who leads through his innate ability to encourage and remain a stand-up family man. Titus sent out an Easter greeting to fans with a pretty intense picture attached. We’re not sure what Titus is looking for in the mountains, but he sure had a great view.

Sheamus also got in the Easter greeting game as he was given his weight by the Easter Bunny himself. We had no idea telling WWE superstars how much they weigh was a part of the Easter Bunny’s pastimes. But Sheamus currently weighs in at 267 pounds so you can remember that number the next time he’s being introduced to the ring. We can also see that Sheamus’s scar over his eyebrow is healing up nicely.

Mojo Rawley is staying hyped this Easter. He wanted to remind fans that Easter is a day to spend time with family. But, if you can’t make it to the same room as your loved ones, it’s great to rely on the modern-day conveniences of 2017’s technological advances.

WWE Hall Of Famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan also sent out a very warm holiday greeting to fans. Duggan reminded fans that Easter is a day to celebrate life and enjoy your family.

Have a great Easter Sunday from all of us at Still Real To Us, no matter how you chose to celebrate it.