Right now Roman Reigns is the top face on Raw, and he’s currently feuding with Braun Strowman.

But it sounds like another Raw Superstar will be breaking into the main event scene in the future.

Dave Meltzer recently talked about the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view on Wrestling Observer Radio, and while talking about how Drew McIntyre has been booked he noted that he could have a singles main event run in his future (via Ringside News).

“You can see the wheels in their head. I sensed from watching this whole [PPV], ever since he came in and putting him with Ziggler, I got the impression that the idea was that down the line you know they’re going to split up and McInytre will then become a main event heel or maybe a main event babyface at some point whatever, but a main event singles guy.”

It’s no big secret that Vince McMahon has always been high up on Drew McIntyre, as he was once known as Vince McMahon’s chosen one.

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