zelina vega

Zelina Vega has become one of the most successful managers in WWE over the last few months, and she’s taken on Andrade, Angel Garza and Austin Theory as clients.

However, tensions in Zelina Vega’s group have been brewing, and this week on Raw the tensions boiled over.

Zelina Vega and her stable were guests on the Kevin Owens show this week, and Kevin Owens revealed that Apollo Crews was a surprise guest.

Crews attacked and then a tag team match was set up which saw Crews and Owens face Garza and Andrade.

At one point Angel Garza pushed Apollo Crews into the ropes, and Austin Theory was waiting on the apron. Theory meant to hit Crews, but he accidentally hit Garza instead and cost him the match after Crews followed up with his finisher and pinned Garza.

After the match the group turned on Austin Theory and beat him down. Zelina Vega told Theory that she never should have believed in him.

In the next segment Murphy came out with Seth Rollins in his corner to face Aleister Black.

Austin Theory was still at ringside, and Seth Rollins stared at him. Rollins offered Theory his hand, and he took it. Seth Rollins then directed Theory to get in the ring and he helped Murphy beat down Aleister Black as Seth Rollins looked on.

Rollins then hugged Theory, and Theory hugged him back as the segment came to an end.