It looks like the WWE cruiserweight division is about to lose one of its most talented stars for a little while, as WWE recently confirmed that Noam Dar is dealing with an injury.

Dar recently spoke to WWE.com, and he confirmed that he tore his meniscus.

“I learned that I had a tear of the meniscus — a bucket handle tear — which is a pretty common tear for athletes,” The Scottish Supernova told WWE.com.

Dar underwent surgery to fix the tear, and he said that he’s expected to be out of action for about five months.

“We don’t have any confirmed time frame just yet because I obviously need to see the post-op, but it’s more than likely going to be around the five-month mark,” Dar explained. “That would be with me working extensively at the [WWE] Performance Center, so that will make a huge difference. Staying on top of everything so we can hopefully take that time down a little bit.”

This is obviously a hit to the cruiserweight division as a whole, and unfortunate timing for Dar as 205 Live is set to hit the road in January for a series of live events, with more events reportedly being planned for February.