Many of WWE’s top stars are currently in Australia for Elimination Chamber and they’ve been making the rounds promoting the show through interviews.

Austin Theory recently did a media appearance for The West Australian, but things got heated after editor-in-chief Anthony The West Australian’s editor-in-chief said, “I mean, it’s fake [wrestling]. Like, you’re not actually hitting each other.”

Following the condescending comment things got heated as Austin Theory stepped up to Anthony De Ceglie and said that he would “smack the s***” out of him.

“You brought me here and you’re going to talk to me like this? Just cause you’re in charge of some sh** doesn’t mean you can talk to me like this. You’re saying what I do is easy and you’re in front of all of your people talking about my job is easy. You couldn’t walk a damn day in my shoes. Are you kidding me man? I will smack the s*** outta you right now. I’m not playing around. Y’all bring me all the way out here for some media and this guy is talking his f*****g head off. What’s his problem dude?”

It’s worth noting that the altercation appears to be a work as The West Australian is reporting that a staff member named “Kay Fabe” thought that. genuine fight was going to break out.

“I was seriously worried about what was going to happen,” they said. “Thankfully security stepped in. Anthony was genuinely worried.”

While Austin Theory is in Australia to promote Elimination Chamber he’s not currently booked to be part of the show.