CM Punk made his big return to WWE back in November at Survivor Series, but Punk is currently sidelined due to an injury he sustained during the 30 man Royal Rumble match in January. After Punk suffered the injury he was confronted by Drew McIntyre the next night on Raw and Drew told CM Punk that he prayed for something bad to happen to him.

Even though Punk isn’t on TV right now it appears the rivalry between him and McIntyre is far from over as Drew has been talking about CM Punk a whole lot throughout his absence.

During a recent appearance on The Bump, Drew discussed the topic of CM Punk once again and he took credit for keeping Punk relevant while he’s sidelined.

“Too harsh? I think Punk and everyone should be thanking me. All his fans should be thanking me because I’m the one keeping him relevant right now by constantly talking about him. Not only that, I’ve dedicated my win at WrestleMania, the world title match to Punk, so if anything, I’m the good guy here. I don’t see the issue. Should be thanking me. Send me gifts, Punk.”

There’s currently no word on when CM Punk will be back in action, but he did estimate during a recent interview that he could be looking at six to eight months for a return timeline.

H/T Fightful