WWE SmackDown Results 10/4/2013

WWE will tape this week’s WWE SmackDown from the Baton Rouge River Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Here are the results.

* Big Show kicks off SmackDown and says he’s fed up and going to lose it soon. He says everything is Triple H’s fault. Triple H comes out and talks about Show’s financial troubles. He changes tonight’s main event to Randy Orton and The Shield vs. Big Show.

* Rob Van Dam and Fandango go to disqualification when Summer Rae gets involved. Ricardo Rodriguez was also at ringside. After the match, RVD hit the Van Terminator with a trash can on Fandango.

* Ryback w/ Heyman and Curtis Axel defeat R Truth. After the match, Axel attacks R-Truth.

* RVD sends the compacted trash can to Alberto Del Rio as a gift.

* Alberto Del Rio defeats Dolph Ziggler by submission.

* Los Matadors defeated 3MB.

* It is announced that Curtis Axel will defend his Intercontiental Championship against R-Truth at Battleground.

* Paul Heyman cuts a promo. He mentions that Ryback will destroy CM Punk on Sunday.

* Brie Bella with Nikki defeated Aksana. Post match celebration is interrupted by AJ with Tamina. AJ says what Orton will do to Randy is exactly what she will do to Brie Sunday. She goes on to say that both can go into early retirement and have ugly goat faced babies together.

* Kofi Kingston defeated Big E Langston with a roll up.

* Bray Wyatt cuts a promo.

* Big Show beat Randy Orton and The Shield by DQ after Orton uses a steel chair when Show takes control of the match and fights off all four opponents. The Usos and Daniel Bryan run out to make the save and even the odds. SmackDown ends with a bunch of “yes!” chants.