It was the go-home show for Hell In A Cell and SmackDown Live was going to be putting the finishing touches on all of the feuds leading to the big show. The New Day and The Usos were prepared to tangle and we were expecting a new Fashion Files. Who knows what Jinder Mahal will have in store to hype his feud with Shinsuke Nakamura? Hopefully, he won’t go too far again. But the capper has to be what Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens will be up to next on their way inside the unforgiving steel structure.

Opening Segment

Renee Young was in the ring to do an in-ring interview with Shinsuke Nakamura. He got his entire entrance and it was rather sick.

Renee brought up how Mahal has crossed the line with his promos and Nakamura said: “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Nice reply.

“The greatest fear of all is the fear of the unknown but Jinder will know when I beat him and become WWE champion,” Nakamura said. Then The Singh Brothers came out to introduce Mahal. They had considerable heat on just them. Then Mahal jumped Nakamura from behind and beat Nakamura down. Nakamura hit some kicks on Mahal and tossed the Singhs over the ropes.

The Singh Bros jumped up and grabbed Nakamura when he was gearing up for the Kinsasha and they all beat him down. There was a guy up front wearing a Bullet Club t-shirt. I wonder if someone will give that dude a new t-shirt during the next segment.

Carmella and Natalya vs Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair are very popular. Becky and Mella started it out. Both babyfaces hit twin baseball slides on the heels to start out the match when they powdered out of the ring.

Becky chased Carmella around the ring and she got into make the tag to Natalya. Nobody wanted to mess with Charlotte when she got the tag because Natalya immediately tagged Carmella in. Charlotte hit some moves and Becky got the tag and Carmella took control of The Lass Kicker for a bit.

Then Natalya got the tag and took it to Becky for a bit. Charlotte got the hot tag and went Genetically Superior all over everyone. She strutted like The Nature Boy and slammed Nattie to the mat. Carm broke up the pin and Becky tossed her out. Carm grabbed Becky leaving Nattie and Charlotte in the ring.

Becky got hit with the briefcase by Carmella as Charlotte got locked in the sharpshooter. Flair tapped out.

Winners: Natalya and Carmella

They both held up their treasures. Carmella with the MITB Briefcase and Nattie with her SmackDown Women’s Title. That was fun.

KO vs Shane-O Promo

They played a great video package to hype the Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon feud which traced it all the way back to when Kevin was drafted to SDLive. It was really quite good.

Mike Kanellis vs Bobby Roode

Tom Phillips congratulated Kanellis on his upcoming child and here’s Bobby Roode to beat him.

After a short match, the soon-to-be daddy took a Glorious DDT and Bobby won clean.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Dolph Ziggler came out on the mic to talk some smack. He tried out an idea of a siren going off.

Then Dolph Ziggler came out with a big bass drum and some noisemakers. People were chanting “CM Punk” and it was quite brutal. He got some airhorns and blew them obnoxiously. Ziggler asked if everyone likes him now and people didn’t.

Ziggler said after all these years Roode found a way to “weasel his way through the back door and make it to WWE.” Nice. Dolph told Bobby to bring all the smoke and mirrors he wants but at some point, the bell has to ring. Dolph delivered much of this promo while perched up on the top turnbuckle.

Ziggler said Roode is nothing more than an entrance and that’s all he’ll ever be. Roode interrupted Ziggler’s entrance and told him he though Ziggler’s entrance was horrible. He said Dolph is doing it all wrong and then he did the Glorious taunt while his music and light show busted out.

Dolph rolled his eyes and walked away.

The Usos Read The New Day Their Rights

The Usos said one of The New Day is going to be outside while two of them will be in the Hell In A Cell getting worked. Welcome to The Uso Penitentiary.  They’re going to lock down the tag division. They were really hyped during this promo and touted their accolades and merchandise.

Then The New Day interrupted The Usos and came out to have some fun and plug the fact that WWE Shop is selling New Day underwear. They got in the ring and Big E said whether they’re on the kickoff show or the main show, they put on the best match of the night.

Kofi said The Usos will be left in a pile of their Day One Ish after Hell In A Cell because New Day Rocks.

Jinder Mahal Promo

Jinder Mahal cut a promo backstage against Shinsuke Nakamura where he replayed the footage from previously in the night when he and the Singh Brothers beat down Nakamura. He said that will happen again at Hell In A Cell.

Tye Dillinger vs Baron Corbin

Baron was very rough on Tye Dillinger and beat him around the ring while AJ Styles looked on backstage. Suddenly, in the middle of Corey Graves talking about how Baron Corbin is going to stay in Denver for a few extra days for some high-altitude training, Tye Dillinger rolled him up for a three-count.

Winner: Tye Dillinger

AJ got on the screen and called Baron Corbin a horses’ ass and said he was going to keep his United States Title at Hell In A Cell.

Randy Orton vs Aiden English

Rusev is palling around with English now which is just fine. Rusev likes it when Aiden sings to him. Handsome Rusev was on the microphone talking some smack to Randy Orton when The Viper just decided to come out and join them.

English stomped on Randy but Orton quickly mounted a comeback. Randy tried for an RKO but Aiden dodged it and hit a dropkick. But Orton hit an RKO outta nowhere and got the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match was over, Randy just stared Rusev down as The Bulgarian Brute yelled at him while still walking up the ramp.

Backstage Segment: Zayn’s Word Of Warning To Shane-O

Shane McMahon was walking backstage when he ran into Sami Zayn. The Underground From The Underground told Shane he’s only caught glimpses of what KO can do. Shane said he’s not going to be locked in HIAC with KO, Owens is going to be locked in there with him.

Shane-O vs KO Promo Pt 2

Here comes the money.

Shane invited Kevin to the ring but his entrance music never hit. McMahon said KO is a no-show and he showed his true colors by not showing up in Denver.

Shane said the Hell In A Cell match is now a falls count anywhere. Kevin showed up but he was in the crowd. He insulted the crowd while he was in the crowd like a true heel. Shane tried to get him to come to the ring but he said he’s already spent too much time in Denver as it is so he left

Shane said he was going to bring the fight to KO then he took off up the crowd. Shane walked up the ramp and out into the back of the arena in front of the merch table which had nobody around it because security was blocking off fans in the concourse. KO jumped Shane from behind and they brawled around the merch table. It looked like they had some cool Pop Vinyls that night.

Kevin powerbombed Shane though the table.

Owens returned to the ring as McMahon was still laid on on the broken merch table.

Kevin grabbed a mic so people could hear what he had to say. He said he agreed with the falls count anywhere stipulation because he wanted to beat him anywhere he wanted to. Even though they still have to figure out how to escape the cell first.

KO said he’s going to beat Shane so badly he forgets his kids’ names and he’ll throw him off the cell. Then Shane McMahon started to walk down through the crowd. KO told him to stop if he wants to make it to HIAC. But McMahon wasn’t listening.

Kevin jumped the barricade and started beating on Shane again. McMahon tossed Owens over the barricade and leaped on him. The crowd broke out into “yes” chants while KO tossed McMahon over the announce table and returned to the ring.

Shane jumped in the ring and got beaten down again. Referees swarmed the two and begged Owens to back off. So KO hit Shane with a pop-up powerbomb.

Kevin Owens left with his music playing looking rather unremorseful about what he had just done.





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