WWE is in London at the O2 Arena for the second night of action as their European Tour takes a turn into the United Kingdom. Let’s check out what WWE had in store for the WWE Universe this week as they continue to build to Money In The Bank.

Opening Segment – Daniel Bryan Speaks

Daniel Bryan was incredibly over in London. Renee Young tried to interview him in the ring and had to barrel through the Daniel Bryan chants asking questions about his achievements since his return. She even broke a little bit and laughed then gave the ring to D-Bry as he said, “feel that, feel all of that!” while referring to the crowd’s electricity.

Daniel said he doesn’t like losing but when he came back he was just happy to be back doing what he loved and this got a warm cheer as well as the crowd settled down. Then Daniel said being back isn’t enough because he wants to be on top. He said that he’ll have to scratch and climb every step of the way but when all is said and done he will become the WWE Champion. This popped the London crowd huge.

Then Big Cass came walking out because, why not? He was saying, “hold on, hold on, hold on,” and didn’t even get his entrance music.

Cass said he’s sick of D-Bry running his mouth and he has the crowd drinking his Kool-Aide which is actually a reference to the Jim Jones massacre at Jonestown. Anyway, Bryan doesn’t have Cass fooled. He put himself over for being the reason why Daniel Bryan lost to Rusev and then said he will make sure he never achieves his dreams again.

Big Cass said he only tapped out quick at Backlash because he wanted to get right back up to beat the holy hell out of D-Bry which is actually a genius strategy for a heel if they don’t care about wins and losses.

Cass kept cutting his promo and really had his personality up to 11. It was working for me, but I’m sure people will hate on him because it’s Colin Cassady.

Then Cass got in the ring and Daniel Bryan lit him up with Yes Kicks and hammering away at Big Cass’ left knee. Officials came down and pulled Daniel off of him so Bryan went outside and wrapped Cass’ leg around the ring post. Then he locked a heel hook on Big Cass in the middle of the ring and no amount of tapping or officials trying to pull him off could get Daniel Bryan to let go of the hold for the longest time.

Once Bryan finally let go, Big Cass went limping up the ramp as the crowd chanted “Yes!”

The Bas vs New Day

The Miz was at ringside and surprised that The New Day throws pancakes now. The winner of this match would get to pick one member to be in the MITB match.

This was a back and forth match with a couple high spots early on like Xavier Woods hitting a dive but it also featured Woods taking a ton of damage.

Big E got the hot tag but was eventually slowed down by Cesaro thanks to a Sharpshooter. The Miz really added a lot to commentary but that should be no surprise because he’s the best talker in WWE at this point.

Cesaro took the shoulder to the post and Woods hit a bulldog but Sheamus broke up the ping. Big E tossed Sheamus on the apron and hit him with that suicide dive through the ropes that I wish he would never do again because it scares me every time.

Then Woods hit the top rope elbow drop for the win as Corey Graves said we are witnessing the end of the New Day because someone has to go in the Money In The Bank ladder match now. Fun fact: Kofi Kingston was in the MITB ladder match in 2015 and they stayed together. Big E and Woods actually ran down to tried to help Kofi out during the match.

Winner: The New Day via pinfall

The Bludgeon Brothers cut a very creepy promo which is where they’ve been since winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

Paige was backstage on a cell phone and Mandy Rose walked up with Sonya Deville. Rose said she should be in Money In The Bank because she beat Becky Lynch. Then Paige booked a triple threat match with Sonya vs Mandy vs Becky Lynch.

“So you know what that means, right? It’s every woman for themselves,” Paige said before her former Absolution sisters walked away looking pretty irritated.

Andrade Cien Almas vs Jake Constantino

Andrade and Zelina Vega made their way to the ring and they looked amazing getting into a SmackDown ring. I might sound like a mark because I kind of am for Almas and Vega, I’ll admit that.

But I’ll also be the first to admit that Andrade could have done more in this match. He was methodical and it paid off. It was a nice highlight reel for Almas but he can do so much more and eventually people will see that.

Zelina played her part well, barking orders at her client from ringside. I can’t wait to see how they’ll use her natural athleticism in WWE.

He hit the double running knees in the corner and hit the Hammerlock DDT for the win.

Winner: Andrade Cien Alvas via pinfall

Zelina cut a promo after about how they hoped for more on SmackDown Live because Andrade was fed an enhancement talent. She said they didn’t come to SmackDown Live to play nice, they came to “take over.” Interesting wording there newest NXT call-up.

Rusev was in his office backstage and Aiden English sat it all up. Rusev said he could have done better after destroying Daniel Bryan last week. English said what can they were in London so he did the best he could.

But just as English was about sing to Rusev, Lana was there saying she has a qualifying match against Billie Kay next week for MITB. They will become the first-ever Mr. and Mrs Money In The Bank. Then Aiden sang “Rusev Day.” These three are money together. Let’s hope they don’t dump Aiden English so soon.

The Royal Mellabration

A guy in full English 1800’s attire came out ringing a bell and read something about Mella being a princess and beating Charlotte two times to become “greatest SmackDown Champion of all women,” then he said, “may God save the Queen and God save Carmella.”

Beefeaters lined the stage with Cleopatric the SmackDown Women’s Championship on a pillow which the one in the middle was holding.

Then Carmella’s music came out and she came out in her usual fabulous mood. The ring was done up with cheetah spotted drapes over the turnbuckles and another pillow for Cleopatra in the ring.

I don’t know how long it will last, but Carmella is a really entertaining champion. She gave people a moment to cheer for her as first-ever Women’s Money In The Bank and current SmackDown Women’s Champion but they only booed.

She said people will line the streets to see a royal baby who hasn’t done squat and they won’t cheer her. Then she told them to bow down and they didn’t.

She said they reminded her of every woman on the roster because none of them think that she deserves to be champion. She said “guess what Not-So-Great Britain? Mella is money.” This got some heat but it was kind of dead.

She started saying she was better than everyone and did a bad English accent in the process. She said that she’s better than everyone inclding Jax, Flair, Rousey, Trish, and Lita then Paige came out and the people lost it seeing the Anti-Diva.

Paige said she came out to say it’s great to be home and then proceeded to ruin the Royal Mellabration by announcing Carmella’s title defense at Money In The Bank against Asuka.

That really sucks for Carmella and unless she has something IIconic up her sleeve, I have no idea how she could leave this situation as the champion unless she just DQ’s herself or runs away.

But it’s interesting how they’ve been able to keep Asuka out of matches like Elimination Chamber and Money In The Bank. You know, because of the murder.

Asuka glided down to the ring, took off her mask and bit it while she smiled at Carmella so Mella left. But The Crowned Princess Of Staten Island wasn’t happy about it.

Sonya Deville vs Mandy Rose vs Becky Lynch

Sonya had the old music that she had back in NXT that sounds like the menu song of a Sega Genisis fighter pilot game. She had her black hooded ring robe too and was playing up the MMA style and entrance like she used to as well.

The two ganged up on Lynch for a bit and pretty much made that the idea where Becky Lynch had to fight both of them off. Boy, Paige really has it out for Rose and Deville it seems.

Lynch started to fight back and hit Sonya with a Becksploder but Sonya returned with a takedown but Rose jumped in and tossed Sonya out of the ring and tried to steal a pinfall. After that, Becky took over until Mandy smashed her face into a turnbuckle and hit her with a faceplanting move. Suddenly Deville jumped in and rolled Mandy off of Becky to take over the Lass Kicker for a two count.

Sonya on the turnbuckle in the corner and Mandy put her on top of her shoulders so Becky jumped on the top rope and hit a dropkick on both of them which sent them toppling down.

Becky tried to catch Rose with a Disarmer but Deville knocked her down and threw Rose across the ring to nail a running knee on Becky.

Rose and Deville have done a good job at this point not hurting each other until Becky moved out of the way of Mandy rose’s running knee and Sonya Deville caught the knee instead. Mandy was distracted because she hit her friend but rolled Becky up anyway but she kicked out and latched on the Disarmer for the win.

Winner: Becky Lynch via submission

Shinsuke Nakamura vs AJ Styles

The winner of this match will get to pick the stipulation of their match at MITB. The London crowd also didn’t care about the new Japanese vocals over his theme music, the still sang along with the melody of the song.

The wrestled around in the ring for a bit until Shinsuke rolled to the floor and Styles hit a Phenonomal Forearm over the top rope to the floor. Styles went for a sliding knee off the apron after that but Nakamura countered with a kick then he delivered a knee to AJ’s face as he was draped over the apron.

Shinsuke Nakamura continued his assault and kept AJ down with a dragon sleeper. But Styles powered out of the hold but Nakamura just delivered an elbow in the blink of an eye. Shinsuke sat AJ on the top rope and prepared for a superplex but AJ slipped out from under him and hit the Pele Kick because he likes to do that spot if you’ve noticed.

AJ landed an array of strikes and a basement forearm before kipping up and hitting Nakamura in the corner but Shinsuke got out of a fireman’s carry. AJ reversed out of whatever Nakamura was doing and hit a faceplant for a two count.

Nakamura drove AJ into the corner and reversed out of a Calf Crusher. Nakamura scored another near fall and was winded by the time AJ Styles kicked out.

“This is awesome” chants broke out as the two fought on. Shinsuke draped AJ across the apron but AJ reversed out of the running knee and tried for a Phenonomal Forearm but Shinsuke blocked it and landed a knee anyway.

AJ fell on the apron and Nakamura joined him. They tried to suplex each other but kept reverseing each time until Nakamura landed a kick to the head and then landed a knee to Styles. He threw AJ back in the ring and scored a 2 count before gearing up for the Kinshasa.

AJ reversed out of AJ’s finisher and tried for a Styles Clash but Nakamura blocked that. AJ flipped Nakamura around and hit a fireman’s carry neckbreaker for a two count. Then Shinsuke sprung up and hit a Kinshasa for a two count.

The crowd couldn’t believe AJ kicked out and as Nakamura was trying for another Kinshasa, AJ returned with a back kick. AJ went for a Phenomenal Forearm but almost hit the referee. Then Nakamura acted like he was hit in the balls but he wasn’t.

Nakamura used this distraction to hit a reverse exploder suplex and a Kinshasa for the win.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura via pinfall

Now Shinsuke Nakamura gets to pick the stipulation in his match against AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at Money In The Bank. This could get interesting.