As many of the WWE Universe may have noticed, Bray Wyatt made his way out to the ring this week on SmackDown Live in a casket.

A casket is something that The Undertaker has become known for over the past 26 years and it has stuck many of the WWE Universe as slightly odd that Bray Wyatt has decided to use one now. Last time Bray was seen in a casket was when he was building up the match between himself and Undertaker back at WrestleMania 31.

Bray has been floating around WWE for the past few months seemingly on a pointless venture because since 2015 he has called himself ‘The New Face of Fear’ when he never defeated the old one.

If he had defeated Undertaker at WrestleMania 31 then it might have made sense, but the fact that he lost the match and still thinks that he can be seen as a threat means many people are unable to take him seriously.

WWE hurt his credibility in that match and they knew that they would when they planned for Undertaker to defeat a full-time superstar. Up until this point, Bray had gone through an incredible feud with Dean Ambrose where he came out on top in almost every match, but since then WWE’s creative team has had a huge headache when trying to book Bray Wyatt.

Bray Wyatt’s win over Randy Orton at No Mercy just over two weeks ago is the first pay-per-view win for Bray since he was drafted to SmackDown having lost his Backlash match to Kane back in September.

Whilst it does make sense if Bray is hoping to set up a casket match at Survivor Series between himself and Randy Orton, it also means that Bray is using a match that has often been used for Undertaker.

If that match goes ahead at Survivor Series then it would be incredible if Undertaker made his return and cost Wyatt the match then set up a rematch between the two.

If WWE take this feud full circle and actually allow Bray to defeat Undertaker this time it would be a legitimate passing of the torch moment and Bray would then pick back up some of the credibility he lost two years ago.

The current speculation suggests that WrestleMania 33 will be The Undertaker’s last WWE match and given the pictures that have been seen on social media recently, The Deadman is not looking like he is in great shape.

It is said that Vince McMahon wants John Cena facing The Undertaker at next year’s showcase of The Immortals, in a match that should have taken place at WrestleMania 32 earlier this year but couldn’t happen because Cena was injured.

Instead, Shane McMahon was drafted in and Undertaker faced the son of the Chairman of the board in a Hell in a Cell match. Although it is worth mentioning that there have been recent rumors that suggest that WWE could be stepping away from the idea of John Cena versus The Undertaker.

Although it is worth mentioning that there have been recent rumors that suggest that WWE could be stepping away from the idea of John Cena versus The Undertaker.

The name that was mentioned this week was Kevin Owens, apparently, the current Universal Champion has impressed enough that he has finally become a part of the conversation.

Of course, all of this rides on the fact that Undertaker is in a physical condition where he can actually be cleared for what could be his final WWE match. It has been reported that Undertaker has just undergone surgery so that is why he has been pictured using crutches more recently, but by the time WrestleMania season comes around next year, Undertaker should be raring to go.

The identity of The Deadman’s opponent for what could be his final WWE match has been something of interest to many fans who have begun debating it on social media, but you have to think that someone like Bray Wyatt would be the perfect person if Undertaker was set to lose the match.

John Cena would make perfect sense if Undertaker was going to walk away with his head held high because Cena would put him over perfectly, but is that the farewell Undertaker wants? Or does he want his final match to be the turning point for someone else’s career?

It is a hot topic of debate, but no one will know for sure until the card is announced for WrestleMania next year, but Bray Wyatt is certainly making a great argument for himself.


  1. Wwe is sleeping on Bray Wyatt… No joke… He has the mic and ring skills and has that creepiness to him like Taker had/has and that’s what grabbed people’s attention with Taker back then… My opinion, they really should do what was said here, have Taker put Wyatt over and pass the torch!!