It was announced earlier this week that NXT is set to go live on the USA Network starting September 18, and when AEW premieres on TNT on Wednesday, October 2 the two shows will go head to head.

With the two shows going head to head there’s been a lot of talk that WWE made the move to put NXT on USA Network in order to counter-program AEW.

A spokesman for WWE recently responded to this claim and pointed out to Deadspin that NXT has been airing on Wednesday nights for almost five years.

“The premise to your story is wrong. NXT has been on Wednesday nights since 2015 [sic] as I’m sure you know. It isn’t called counter-programming if you continue to air a series on the same day/time as it has been on for nearly five years.”

The e-mail reportedly closed with the following line: “Perhaps you’ll ask AEW about counter-programming NXT?”

An AEW spokesperson declined to comment on the idea that AEW is trying to counter-program NXT.

It’s also worth noting that Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful is reporting that people backstage were told, “we’re going up against AEW, whatever night they air.”