It was announced earlier this week it was announced that NXT will be going live on the USA Network and in October the Wednesday Night Wars will kick off when the show goes head to head with AEW on TNT.

Former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes recently spoke to Bleacher Report about what Wednesday nights will mean for the industry and he believes that the competition will make wrestling “must-watch” TV.

“I think the most important night in all of wrestling is now Wednesday nights. The best wrestling is going to be happening on Wednesday nights. It’s destination TV, and when’s the last time wrestling was destination TV? It’s now must-watch, and I’m not going to complain about that…Wrestling fans now have a choice, and I hope they choose us.”

As far as his reaction to the big NXT news goes, Cody went on to say that he’s oddly intrigued to see where the brand goes from here.

“I’m oddly intrigued to see what Vince McMahon does with NXT. My dad was instrumental in building the NXT brand. For a long time, It had been a developmental project. For Vince to now bring it to the USA Network as if it’s a full brand, I’m just intrigued by it.”

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