CM Punk made his return to WWE at Survivor Series over the weekend, and he also appeared on the following episode of Raw. Now that Punk is back with WWE there are many possibilities regarding future feuds for the former WWE Champion.

Fightful Select reports that upon CM Punk’s return to WWE there were several people in the company pushing for a CM Punk vs. Steve Austin match. It’s being said that CM Punk even had discussions about the possibility of the match happening.

As of right now it’s being said that many people in WWE are optimistic that the match could happen. One source also indicated that between CM Punk and WWE many ideas have already been discussed. It’s not clear how far along the talks are, but if all goes well the ideal scenario would see CM Punk fly to Steve Austin to go over ideas.

People close to Steve Austin said they’ve never heard him mention any personal issues between him and Punk. It was indicated that Steve Austin and CM Punk exchange messages a few times a year.

CM Punk vs. Steve Austin has been a dream match for quite some time. Now that CM Punk is back on the roster and Austin has made it clear he’s willing to return to the ring under the right circumstances it seems the dream match could become a reality.