When it comes to injuries in the world of professional wrestling, they never seem to happen at the right time, and that’s because there’s just never really a good time to be injured. But it appears that one member of the Raw roster is dealing with an injury, because R-Truth recently announced that he’s set to undergo surgery.

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R-Truth didn’t reveal any information regarding the surgery, such as when it’s happening, or what kind of injury he’s dealing with, but in a photo he posted on Instagram you can see that the former WWE Tag Team Champion is wearing a sling.

Check it out below.

Earlier this year WWE crowned the first ever United Kingdom Champion, and Pete Dunne is the man who is currently in possession of the belt.

Wolfgang was one of the competitors who wrestled in the tournament to crown the inaugural champion, but he failed to win the belt as it was Tyler Bate who made it to the finals to become the first ever UK Champion.

However, Wolfgang will get his shot to win the gold when he faces Pete Dunne at the WWE live event in Glasgow, Scotland on November 1.


  1. Well, I admit what I’d been hearing forever is still not happening yet… WWE Asia was supposed to start up by October this year… so much for that.
    I think WWE UK branding is to narrow… Probably should be WWE Europe , so the fans outside of UK felt like it had some ownership of the brand.