The WWE roster is touring around Europe right now so this is a pre-taped show which is likely going to damage ratings slightly.

But since we already know what’s going to happen live results kind of seems redundant. But I’ve purposely stayed away from spoilers so I can bring the live results as they happen like always.

All I know is that Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins tore the house down in London which is to be expected.

Let’s get right into it as WWE builds their Red Team toward Money In The Bank.

Opening Segment – Roman Reigns Gets Booed In The O2 Arena

Nobody wanted to see the Big Dog even though Michael Cole claimed they were serenading him for some reason. Jonathan Coachman was doing something for the Golf Channel again so Booker T filled in the 3rd seat this week on the announce team.

As the fans booed Corey Graved said, “typical United Kingdom reception for Roman Reigns” like he doesn’t get booed anywhere else. Then Roman threw down a challenge to Jinder Mahal saying if he wants to be relevant then he can come down and face him like a man… but Kurt Angle came out instead.

The “you suck” chants toward Kurt Angle during his entrance was deafening in the O2 Arena.

Angle told Jinder won’t be coming out and Reigns asked since when was he speaking for Mahal and Kurt said he’s speaking for the company and not Mahal.

Then Angle booked a match with Mahal vs Elias vs Bobby Lashley. Reigns demanded to be put in the match and Angle said: “WWE management has made it clear that you will get no other qualifying opportunities.”

Reigns said Angle is just doing what he has to do and now he’s going to do what he has to do. Roman dropped his microphone and walked up the ramp leaving Angle and everyone else confused while the crowd sang the “na na na na na goodbye” song at Reigns.

They showed Roman walking backstage and he walked down the hall asking for Jinder Mahal. Suddenly he saw Mahal in a dark hallway. Mahal threw the Singh Brother at Roman and Reigns swatted him away.

Then Mahal gained advantage for a bit and hit Reigns with a rubber trashcan. But Reigns took control bouncing Jinder off a wall down the hall, off of a loaded catering table in the middle of the hall for some reason and then back down a hallway which happened to lead back into the arena.

Reigns landed a Superman punch to Jinder on the stage as WWE Officials surrounded Roman to stop him from carrying on his assault as “Roman sucks” chants rose in the O2 Arena and Mahal got away.

Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens – Intercontinental Title Match

Kevin took control early on the was very aggressive hammering Seth in the corner but Rollins came back with a dropkick to send him down. Rollins came back a few times but each time Kevin would find a way to hammer him down.

Seth took a run at Kevin Owens but he was lifted over the top rope and took a hard bump on the outside. Once Rollins returned to the ring Owens maintained control.

Owens slid outside and dragged Rollins out to the floor. He tried to hit a powerbomb on the apron but Seth blocked it by grabbing the robes to stand on the apron. Owens climbed on the apron too and Seth hit a falcon arrow on the side of the ring and landed every bit of it.

The two eventually returned to the ring and exchanged some shots. Then KO was sent to the floor and Seth hit two suicide dives in a row. Kevin went back to the ring and Seth hit a springboard clothesline to greet him.

Rollins hit a blockbuster for a two count and KO followed with a DDT for a two count of his own.

Seth landed a kick but missed the curb stomp and KO landed a stiff clothesline that turned Rollins inside out.  Kevin hit the senton but Rollins got his knees up and he missed the curb stomp again. Seth tried again but Owens reversed out of it so Rollins landed the Revolution Knee for a two count before climbing to the top rope.

Seth hit a frog splash but KO turned it into a roll-up pin for a two count. They eventually made it to the top rope where Seth tried for his Superplex but KO hit a top rope fisherman buster on Rollins that sent The Architect rolling out onto the floor.

Owens went out and rolled Seth back in the ring. But as Kevin was getting in himself, Rollins seized the moment and hit the curb stomp for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins via pinfall

They showed video from the NBC Upfront where Ronda Rousey was hanging out with Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax walked up and awkwardly challenged Rousey for the Raw Women’s Title. So yeah, the champion is challenging the challenger now.

Angle was in his office when Dallas and Axel walked in wearing matching black jackets. They wanted to be called the A Team but Angle said they can’t because there’s already a tv show called A Team.

Then Bo Dallas said they will be called the B Team which stands for Best Team. Angle said they’ve never won a match before as Miztourage and Bo Dallas said the B Team has never lost a match. Kurt said he wasn’t going to give them a championship match tonight, but they’ll let them wrestle. Cool.

No Way Jose vs Bobby Roode vs Baron Corbin

This was a MITB qualifying match and No Way Jose came dancing out with a ton of people in his rosebud conga line.

Jose was taken out pretty early on so Baron and Roode fought on. But as Baron laid on the apron No Way Jose ran around the ring and hammered him with a running knee to send The Lone Wolf down.

No Way Jose kept taking it to Baron Corbin getting some revenge for beatdowns in previous weeks. Jose hit a crossbody off the top rope but Corbin kicked out at two. Then Bobby Roode ran in to get a near fall on Jose.

Roode sent Baron outside and hit a top rope Kane clothesline on Jose before doing a Glorious taunt and nailing Corbin off the apron. Jose rolled Roode up for a two count and Jose clotheslined him over the top rope as “No Way Jose” chants rose in the O2 Arena.

Baron sent Jose down with a couple forearms and landed an unexpected clothesline off the apron on Roode. Then Baron returned and nailed a chokeslam backbreaker for a two count. Roode returned and Roode reversed out of his chokeslam backbreaker but Baron hit a Deep 6 instead.

Then out of nowhere Bobby Roode hit a Glorious DDT on No Way Jose and picked up the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode via pinfall

Kevin Owens got in Kurt Angle’s face backstage and demanded to get in the Money In The Bank match and he threatened to call Stephanie McMahon. Angle didn’t seem to think he would so KO walked off saying that’s what he was doing.

Angle walked into the medic’s room and Jinder Mahal was getting iced down and asked for his match to be postponed. Angle said the MITB qualifier has to happen tonight so he’ll have to compete banged up.

The B Team vs Breezango

All negative connotations aside, the B Team is a rather good name. Bo and Curtis both wore white t-shirts with “B” written on them.

The crowd entertained themselevs during this match by doing soccer chants which is a very helpful tool. The B Team and Breezango are two teams who really need a win and when Fandango got the hot tag and hit a Dudley dog while using Bo Dallas like a wall walking up it to deliver the move to Curtis nobody seemed to care.

When Dango climbed up top and missed a leg drop it didn’t get much of a response and when the B Team hit a double team suplex for the win it didn’t seem to get much of a response either.

Curtis Axel tackled Bo Dallas in happiness and the two celebrated like they just won a 5-star championship match.

Winners: B Team via pinfall

Charly Caruso joined them in the and interviewed them. They acted blown up and celebrated their win. The said that they were after the Raw Tag Team Championships and got a mild “B Team” chant started before leaving the ring.

The Riott Squad vs Sasha Banks, Natalya, and Ember Moon

The Riott Squad started off hot and the crowd was way more into this match than they were the previous contest. But the babyfaces rose up and chases the Riott Squad outside so they could regroup a little bit.

Nattie and Banks hit a double suplex on Logan but she got the tag off to Liv who took advantage for a bit and stomped on Nattie’s head in the process. Then Banks got the tag and started taking it to Morgan. Logan got involved after she was tagged in and Banks tried to hit her with a knee but Logan wasn’t having any of that. She ragdolled Banks around the ring and pummeled her before screaming like a Viking warrior and tagging Ruby Riott in to continue taking the assault to Banks.

Banks eventually came back and tagged Nattie in who almost locked a Sharpshooter on Morgan but Logan got involved and Ember Moon took her out. Banks hit the double knees on Logan from the apron and Ember Moon landed a suicide dive while Nattie locked on the sharpshooter in the ring for the submission.

Winners: The babyfaces via submission

The Revival vs The Deleter Of Worlds

The crowd was really into chanting for Bray Wyatt and singing “he’s got the whole world in his hands.”

The Raw Tag Team Champions picked Dash and Dawson apart during this match which is a shame for the former NXT Tag Team Champions. But there were a couple spots where The Revival took control but Matt Hardy hit the Side Effect on Wilder to get the tag to Bray and it was over from there.

Bray ran through Scott Dawson before hitting the Kiss Of Deletion for the win.

Winners: The Deleter Of Worlds via pinfall

Bayley was backstage and Sahsa Banks wished her good luck and that was it. Bayley said thanks and walked away. Nice feud.

Sami Zayn Says Hello To London

Zayn was happy to be there and London loved themselves some Sami Zayn. Sami said Prince Harry looks a lot like him and he’s quite a big fan. I had to Google it, but holy crap they do look alike!

Then Sami started trashing Bobby Lashley saying that he came back to Raw the same night Sami did. He said everything was well and good for Lashley but he came back to establish himself at Zayn’s expense.

Sami blamed Bobby Lashley for giving him vertigo and then he read the definition for vertigo but not before pulling out his awesome reading glasses. Zayn is so comfortable and convincing as he said Bobby victimized him and he did it all at Zayn’s expense.

Then Sami brought up the interview with Lashley from last week where Bobby talked about his sisters way too much. Zayn said Bobby wants to be him and pointed out Lashley’s hat which looked just like the one Sami always wears.

Then Zayn said something didn’t smell right and Bobby had something to hide so he reached out to Lashley’s three sisters on Facebook and they had a story to tell. Bobby Lashley isn’t the person he portrays himself to be after all. Then he said we don’t have to take his word for it because Lashley’s sisters will be on Raw next week and he will expose the real Bobby Lashley. Well, that’ll be fun.

Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James vs Bayley

The winner of this match will get a MITB ladder match spot.

Bayley was super over in London as they chanted for her and she took everyone down with clotheslines and hit Alexa with a belly-to-back suplex. She hung up both Alexa and Mickie in the ropes with a stunner before hitting a hip attack on Alexa. But Mickie returned with an elbow when Bayley went for a splash on her.

Bliss took Bayley down and Mickie nailed Bliss with a kick to the face that brought her down as well. All three women were on the ground at the same time soon after hitting each other and they fought on their knees trading punches in a triangle.

Bayley ducked and Alexa nailed Mickie James. Alexa apologized to Mickie but she was backed in the corner as Corey Graves asked why she was apologizing because Mickie just kicked Bliss in the face 30 seconds ago. So Bayley hit them both with a splash in the corner.

Bayley hit a Bayley To Belly on Bliss but Mickie wouldn’t let her get the pin pulling her outside. Bayley fought Mickie James off and got back in the match just to get caught by a DDT from Alexa Bliss and earned the pinfall and her place at Money In The Bank.

Winner: Alexa Bliss via pinfall

Jinder Mahal was shown backstage in the trainer’s room where he was told he’s cleared to compete if he can take the pain. Jinder started walking down the hall clutching his wrapped ribs up and fighting through the pain looking like a real babyface. Then out of nowhere, Roman Reigns jumped in and hit a spear on The Modern Day Maharaja sending the two through a constructed wall for the spot. This was so fake because the camera panned around and you could clearly see it was just leading to another hallway and that wall wasn’t really there before WWE started shooting the spot.

But what is so weird is how in any other world this spot would be switched up in regards to who the heel and who the babyface is because Roman certainly seems like a jerk right now beating down Jinder Mahal when he least expects it.

Sunil Singh pleaded with Kurt Angle to allow the match to be postponed and Kurt said the match must go on and he has to find a replacement now.

Finn Balor and Braun Strowman vs Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

The Greatest Royal Rumble trophy also made it to London as it sat at ringside.

Dolph and Finn wrestled around and they were so solid together. Then Drew got the tag and he asked for Braun. “Ive been dying for this moment! Are you ready for me!?” Drew McIntyre screamed in Braun’s face… before tagging Ziggler back in.

Finn took the tag back in and Ziggler eventually grounded him with a headlock before McIntyre got the tag. Balor fought out of his corner but Drew wouldn’t let him get to Strowman to tag in the Monster Among Men.

Ziggler and Strawman got tags at the same time and Braun took Ziggler out. He hammered Dolph down and hyped himself up before throwing his shoulder into the post. Balor tagged himself in and hit a double stomp on Dolph.

Finn eventually fought Drew off the apron and hit a sling blade on Ziggler. He nailed the shotgun dropkick and as McIntyre looked like he was getting involved too, Braun Strowman came barreling around the ring and tackled Drew McIntyre sending him rolling into the Greatest Royal Rumble trophy.

This distraction allowed Ziggler to knock Finn off the top rope and steal a pinfall on Balor.

Winners: Dolph and Drew via pinfall

Kevin Owens vs Bobby Lashley vs Elias

It looks like Kevin Owens is getting another shot at the MITB match meaning he pulled double duty in London by losing the opening contest to Seth Rollins only to come back to close out the show later on.

The three fought outside and Kevin took a bump in the barricade thanks to Bobby Lashley. Elias nailed Bobby with a dropkick off the apron as Owens held Lashley’s leg.

Once all three men got in the ring Bobby sold a move in the corner while Kevin and Elias fought it out. Elias kicked out after a running senton then Bobby hit a one-armed slam on Elias before KO took the match over.

The crowd started chanting, “Bobby’s sister” as Lashley and Kevin fought on. Lashley hit a spinebuster on Kevin but Elias landed a knee to Lashley’s face.

Elias as left in the ring and then he asked for his guitar so JoJo brought it to him and held his microphone so he could play. But Kevin interrupted him. KO got hit with a knee but Lashley broke up the pinfall attempt.

Elias nailed a mule kick to Bobby and KO missed a cannon ball. Elias climbed on the top rope and landed a beautiful elbow drop but Lashley pulled him outside.

Bobby backed Elias up and they returned to the ring. Lashley executed a great leap drog and took Elias down. KO got involved and was sat in the corner. Then Bobby tried for a vertical suplex but KO jumped in and they tried a double suplex but Lashley suplexed them both instead.

Lashley buried his shoulder into Elias and Owens in each conner before Lashley was taken out of the ring. Elias stopped Kevin on the top rope and hit a nice powerbomb on Owens for a two count before Bobby broke up the pin.

Elias and Bobby traded some shots in the middle of the ring and the crowd reacted with cheers every time Elias hit Bobby. Then Lashley hit a press slam to almost no reaction from the crowd.

Bobby hit a Dominator but Sami Zayn dragged Bobby out of the ring before he could make the pinfall and then he hit a Helluva Kick on Lashley.

KO climbed on the top rope and hit a splash on Elias for the win.

Winner: Kevin Owens via pinfall

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn celebrated their way up the ramp because KO is on his way to MITB.



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