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Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard quickly became one of the most popular podcasts in the world of professional wrestling when it launched, and WWE made the decision to get in on the action when they added their own version of the show to the WWE Network.

So far, Something Else To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard on the WWE Network has pulled no punches, and the show has been receiving rave reviews, but the latest episode has been postponed.

According to co-host Conrad Thompson, he and Bruce were set to discuss WWE’s version of ECW, but due to “creative differences” the episode won’t be premiering tonight.

Conrad posted a video explaining that they did tape the episode, but WWE wanted to edit some of the content, and he and Bruce weren’t happy with the final product.

He went on to say that they don’t want to “white-wash” the narrative, so the episode will instead air on Friday. Conrad noted that he wanted to make sure that the fans heard the news directly from him, and that it’s the most controversial episode of the show so far.