Monday Night Raw has been WWE’s flagship show for over 30 years now and throughout that period of time the show has gone through a lot of changes. The WWE product has at times been edgy like what fans came to expect during the Attitude Era, but the company made a commitment to delivering a PG show some time ago.

From time to time WWE has experimented and tried different things to make Raw a little edgier and it sounds like they could be heading in that direction once again. Nick Khan recently spoke at the JPMorgan Global TMT Teleconference on Tuesday and he noted that Raw isn’t expected to change its 3 hour format. However, he did note that there have been discussions about how to make Raw more “adult” during the third hour.

This isn’t the first time Nick Khan has mentioned this idea as he noted last month that WWE has had discussions with NBCUniversal about making changes to Raw’s third hour. At this point it’s not clear what WWE might do to make the third hour more appealing for adults, but it’s probably safe to say that they probably won’t be trying to bring back Raw Underground.

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