WWE officials had talks this weekend about opening tonight’s RAW from Los Angeles with a graphic dedicating the show to Perro Aguayo Jr., who tragically passed away after an in-ring accident with Rey Mysterio at an indie wrestling event in Mexico on Friday night, according to Reddit user MetsFan4Ever, who has broke several WWE stories in the past year or so.

The report stated that there was strong talk between WWE producer Kevin Dunn, Triple H and Vince McMahon. Apparently one of those three officials were in heavy favor of dedicating RAW to Perro but the other two were not. It was not specified which official was in favor of the dedication.

There was also reportedly discussion of bringing light to the situation because a former top WWE Superstar was involved in the accident. WWE officials are said to be sensitive to the idea of dedicating RAW to Perro because they feel it may bring wrongful negative attention to Mysterio.

RAW being dedicated to Perro Jr. should be taken as a rumor for now. It was noted that RAW will likely end up airing without the dedication but it has been a topic of discussion this weekend. It was also noted that if they do go through with the dedication, it would just be in the form of a graphic at the start of the show and all storylines would be kept as planned.